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You can call me Hal.

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In my mind, I post here every day.
kaidoh kalos
♪ Work is busy, very busy.

♪ Caught up with shin tenipuri and am enjoying the crack like it were chocolate. (Although, weirdly, I'm off chocolate right now. No idea why.) Not so sure about this new improved Yamato, though. I liked it better when he was just intensely weird. Tezuka, however, has been AWESOME. And gorgeous. Already, Atobe has forgotten all about Momoshiro.

♪ Finally brought myself to watch the last eps of the PoT Chinese drama. I just didn't want it to end! It was epic, like the whole series, and I am ready, as soon as I have time, to watch again from the beginning. And maybe to finally figure out that Holy Triangle fic. Oh, Hai Tang! My love for you is deeper than the ocean and just as salty.

♪ Started watching Rizzoli and Isles. A++++++++ for female leads, interesting mysteries, and some really great outfits.

♪ Haven't started my top_cagnotte fic yet but am zeroing in on it. Am listening to lots of Meat Loaf while I cogitate, to catch that tone when I start to write, but fear, as usual, I'll end up switching to Stars when I'm 1/3 in.

♪ Have spent my spring, my summer, my fall, my life reading, reading, reading. I feel like I've found a part of myself that was lost. I never stopped reading, ever, but in late years, I was reading a lot less and having a harder time concentrating when I did. But now it's back, I'm back, and my beloved Kindle (I upgraded to the newest one!) is never far from me. I gave her a little pet just now. :)

♪ I wish I were a provider of more frequent and more meaningful content. Also, I wish I had a cookie.

♪ ♥

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(Deleted comment)
I am still consuming cheese with robust enjoyment. :)

I made a real effort to put aside time for reading and it helped a lot!

Tezuka, however, has been AWESOME. And gorgeous.


Lots of stuff -- Jane Austen, Ngaio Marsh, Terry Pratchett, a bunch of books about evolution and human development. And much, much more.

(Deleted comment)
Yay for reading! I went to zap myself a sample of Hammer of Eden, but I can't get it on the Kindle. :(

I am SO enjoying it!

I have one more episode of the Chinese drama to watch myself and I don't want it to end either! But I'm rather stupid for Li Hai Da and I just don't want to watch them lose!

(Surely that won't spoil anyone? XD)

And I shall keep an eye out to see if you mention Rizzioli and Isles more because I'm wondering (if and when) they show it over here whether my mum and I might want to get into it.

Always win, Li Hai Da! Yeah, I totally get that feeling.

I've watched the first 6 eps of Rizzoli & Isles and I'm loving it!

I still have a hard time concentrating when reading. Mind drifts off and creates stuff on its own. I think I need more and more frequent training. I admire your discipline.

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