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You can call me Hal.

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How did we study languages before the iPhone?
kaidoh kalos
I've been taking a class in Beginning Mandarin and enjoying it very much. The other night, I had a dream:

I was in China, in some sort of sauna/bath place. I was trying to scrape up my meagre Chinese and ask for something but every time I opened my mouth, Japanese came out instead. When I woke up, I realised I'd been even more confused then I thought, because what I had really been saying was οιμοι ταλαινα!

Of course, I say that every day...

Does anyone have recommendations for Mandarin pop music?

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Do you know Danson? I'm actually into the girl in this video, Amber from the Korean group f(x) (even though she is in fact Chinese-American!), but he seems really badass, and I love this song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9i2poHjWmg

Ooh, thanks! That was seriously awesome. I will investigate further.

I recommend the following artists/bands:
May Day
Wang Lee Hom
Lin Jun Jie
Huang Yi Da
Will Pan
Sun Yan Zi

Let me know if you'd like me to upload anything! :)

Thank you! I will check them out.

Are you looking for pop only or do you listen to indie too?

Actually, indie would be really cool. I just figured pop would be the easiest to track down.

Okay, here's a couple of artists that I have on my HD.

Deserts Chang
Lala Xu
棉花糖 (My files say 'katncandix2', but their Chinese name means cotton candy, which... is probably more accurate.)
JJ Lin/Lin Jun Jie (he's definitely more pop, but I just think this MV is ridiculous :D)

Let me know if you like any of it and I can upload some stuff.

Thanks so much! I will def check them out soon.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for the recs!

I am really loving Mandarin so far! Besides my class, I'm listening to some podcasts on my own and also watching more dramas. How far did you get with your studies?

Have to second the rec of Danson! I think he's generally more well-known for his acting, but some of his songs are pretty awesome too! And will add to the list his twpop buddies and drama co-stars, the adorable Fahrenheit and S.H.E. I think you will adore Ella~ :)

Faye Wong, Jay Chou, Kenji Wu, Mayday.

Thank you so much! I will check them out. :) I do have one Jay Chou album already and I like it a lot.

As with most things, I think his earlier albums were better. Personally I particularly enjoyed 七里香 (Orange Jasmine). Which one of his do you have?

These occurred to me today.

Faye Wong and Jay Chou can sometimes have songs that are very lyrically sophisticated, which can be intimidating for new learners (not that they're not enjoyable, they just get better as you pick up context).

Here's some more:

Guang Liang (Michael Wong) - Fairytale. Probably the most overplayed karaoke song ever.

Also a lot of Hong Kong movie stars made albums that were pretty okay: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng etc.

Do you like them old school? Because Teresa Teng? Awesome.

Oh and Stephanie Sun, Tanya Chua, Ah Niu.

Oh and this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSf9G5x7rMI Still makes me tear up for no reason!

Re: These occurred to me today.

Thanks for these! At my super-newbie level, I can't do more than pick out individual words here and there right now, but I'm trying to increase my overall exposure to the language with music, movies, dramas, etc.

Re: These occurred to me today.

Dramas! \0/

I suggest manga if you can get it, actually. It's the least challenging and most useful way to pick up those new and commonly used words.

Faye Wong was my hero growing up. Jay Chou is very easy to listen to.

Wang Lee-Hom
JJ Lin
Jay Chou
Show Luo
Rainie Yang
Wilber Pan

Some of these might be repeats of what others have already recommended, lol.

Thanks for the recs! Duplicates are great b/c they help me pick out the best stuff. :)

If you're into ballads, Valen Hsu/许茹芸 usually has excellent diction and makes good listening practice. Her mvs on youtube are usually subtitled in traditional hanzi though.

Man and Woman - Duet with Amguulan, partial lyrics in comments

She has a few more upbeat songs and interesting cover versions, but they're pretty hard to track down unless you know the titles. There was some sort of production weirdness with some of her cds, which went crazed and unplayable after a few years en masse, so I can't provide. =(
In writing
Their story (cover of Carcrashes by Standfast, but only the melody is used)

Kick me if you want to hear some of the more obscure ones that don't come up immediately when you search her name on youtube.

/only looks her up to listen once a year or so when reminded

Thanks for all the links! That's really awesome of you. :)

Here are some samples of artists I think are rather good:
五月天 - 温柔 (May Day - Gentleness)
周杰伦 - 完美主义 (Jay Chou - Perfectionism)
张惠妹 - 人质 (A-mei - Hostage)
孙燕姿 - 了解 (Stefanie Sun - Understanding)
曹格 - Superwoman (Gary Cao - Superwoman)

I don't know what genres you like, so hopefully you will enjoy these? I don't usually listen to songs because of the artists, actually. Instead I just pick up whatever I like when I hear them on random occasions (radio, malls, karaoke etc.). In any case, most of the artists I mentioned above have an interesting range of songs in their discography, so give them a try (:

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to checking them out. :)

I'm more of an album listener myself, so when I like a song, I usually try to get the whole album. (Possibly this means I am old!)

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