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You can call me Hal.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...
Having the worst time making myself sit down and finish my top_cagnotte draft. Future!Hal already hates me.

Fic process:

First draft: explain

Second draft: state

Third draft: imply

For me, just getting the first draft down is the hardest, even if I can keep myself from editing as I go. I just can't make myself sit down and do it. Write or Die is helping but not enough.

Is there a service you can sign up for where a clown comes to your home and won't leave until you're done?

What's the hardest part of writing for you?

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I'm sorry this is turning out to be so difficult for you! But your fic process is really interesting. I'd love to talk about that tomorrow.

When I used to write, the hardest part was getting out of my own way. When I just let things flow it was great, but when I would stop and try and noodle things to make them better, I would get all tangled up and frustrated and have to go away.

Oh, it's as difficult as it usually is. The actual work is not as hard as forcing myself to sit down and do it.

I'm working on editing less in the first draft and it seems to be helping!

I'm glad! I managed to get half done with a first draft of my vid before I started noodling with it -- probably because I was playing the ever-popular vidder's game known as "avoiding the bridge". (:

Starting the work is always the hardest. I usually ~get into the groove~ after that and can produce something in a day (for a 1000 word min. exchange) that doesn't really need betaing, generally. (I have to edit as I go, I can't not.)

I always tell myself that this time I'll write something shorter, but it always expands in the end. :) Some pairings seem to need more space than others!

The hardest part of wriring for me is finding a beginning and then having the time to sit down and just write when no one is around. Unfortunately, I rarely get that alone time I want because I don't really like people around me when I'm writing (even if it's not porn, I don't like people around me). I know it's making it difficult for me to write my horribly epic fic that I'm writing for myself. And making it even worse for top_cagnotte >.>

I know what you mean -- I have a hard time writing even when my partner is home but in another room!

Exactly. And yet, in a public place like a library, I've been the most productive. Go figure. Actually, the other part of my problem is that I'm using a laptop that doesn't sit correctly on my lack oflap. So I'm constantly trying to balance it and keep it in one place long enough for me to think and type. -.-' You have no idea how appealing it is to get a netbook for my writing computer. Yeah, rather stupid, but...at least they're close to the size I'd rather have the keyboard.

For me, writing description is very difficult, especially writing what people are doing while they're talking. I can visualize it; I just have a hard time get it down on "paper." Quashing the urge to edit as I write is also damned near impossible.

Good point! Sometimes it would be easier to film it than to write it.

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Yes, sometimes there's a trip or two up or down a level. I suppose it depends more on the fic itself rather than the number of drafts.

I'm still training myself to imply properly, so that would be the hardest part for me. The most common roadblock, however, is looping myself into the editing process before I finished writing - that's where my stories go to die, basically.

Does cheerleading help? I find having someone to chat with as I write really helps me keep on track, as ironic as that sounds.

I certainly don't go to that level with every story; it's really time consuming. But definitely worth it for some stories.

I can't write with someone else right there, either in person or in chat, but a friend and I have been checking in periodically to cheer each other along, so that's been helping.

The hardest part for me is starting up again every time you've put it away. Like, you get in a good hour of first writing, and then the next day you open up the document again. Ugh, so difficult to make myself focus.

Yeah, that's hard. I find making a playlist or picking an author or album to write to helps with that -- gets me into the same mood each time.

Starting, for sure. And may I say that I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one still in the draft phase. My problem is that I make really detailed outlines and then the actual writing never shapes up to be what I'd imagined. And because of that I end up leaving so much out that would have added more depth to the story. :(

I'm sure most people are still flailing away! This is really my process every time. Wait until the last minute and then write like mad. (I'm never late, though.)

The brain-paper interface is a clumsy one, for sure!

"Is there a service you can sign up for where a clown comes to your home and won't leave until you're done?"

Almost spat out my tea.
I hope not! But anyway, good luck with the fic. Try at random times of the day, one paragraph or line at a time?

Luckily, no clown was required! As always, only the threat of the deadline could properly motivate me.

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