Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Prince of Tennis you will always have with you, and other facts of life

The Prince of Tennis Manga Gets Theatrical Anime Film. Starting to think there will still be new PoT crack coming out when I'm 90. This is not a problem.

✩ Finished my top_cagnotte fic! Looking forward to reading everyone else's! Having trouble figuring out how commenting should work on a double-anon exchange! (Like, do you comment as you on all the fics you like except for the one written for you, which you comment on anon with your pseud? Or double-comment on that one? Or not leave a "thank you" comment until the reveal?)

✩ Feeling write-y but also lazy. May try churning out some small bits and pieces for my own id-ification, so to speak.

✩ Crying cause I still can't get most of Ngaio Marsh and Dorothy L Sayers on my Kindle in Canada. Or, you know, all of Sweet Valley High. But reading Connie Willis atm, so all good.

✩ Have not watched HP yet; hoping to remedy that tomorrow.

✩ Considering frying some cheese. Possibly in butter.

✩ ♥
Tags: tenipuri
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