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top_cagnotte recs!

The Prince of Tennis exchange top_cagnotte has been posting for two weeks now -- I'm just getting caught up with it. Things I've enjoyed so far:

FIC: Bridge to Here, Saeki/Fuji. Understated and enjoyable.

FIC: All About the Tennis, Hyoutei, Shitenhouji, training camp, hilarity. Shishido is ♥.

FIC: Cause and Effect, Sanada/Kirihara. Oh, boys! They are both lovely and so is the story.

ART: Data or Date?, Yuuji/Koharu. So damn cute!

ART: After..., Kirihara & Jackal, walking home. Just adorable, both of them.

FIC: Great Lengths, Inui/Tezuka. Inui/Tezuka!!! Awkward boys are awkward. Awkward and sweet. ♥♥♥

Also, while I don't read TezuRyo myself (I love them together, I'm just weird about fic), I have it on good authority that this is a fantastic story, so check it out: Right-handed, Tezuka/Ryoma. Future fic.

Oh my tennis boys, never leave me!
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