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You can call me Hal.

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Tenipuri recs
momo south park
kestrelsan and I did our own little holiday tenipuri fic exchange. I think the official title was the Seigaku-Rikkai Goodwill Exchange but the only Seigaku pairing I gave her the option of writing was MomoKai, since I've been dying to read her take on them for a long, long time. Up until now, I was the only one who got to read the awesome story she wrote for me. But now you are lucky enough to get to read it too!

Freshman Fifteen by kestrelsan, MomoKai, R. High school's over, and Momo's slacking off.

Go, read, love. ♥ I shall post my story from the exchange soon. :)

And speaking of exchanges, a few more top_cagnotte recs:

FIC: The Language of Love, Niou/Yagyuu with a side of Inui/Kaidoh. Aftermath of the Yagyuu-Kaidoh switch!

FIC: How to Spot an Invert, InuKai & YanaKiri with lots of good Inui-Yanagi friendship. How to court your kohai!

FIC: Scarier Than the Undertaker, Sanada/Yukimura with a Yanagi POV. Renji is put-upon. Crack-ish and hysterical!

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♥ We are definitely making this an annual thing :D. I can't wait for you to post yours!

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