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You can call me Hal.

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Things that are things.
inukai blue
✩ Look for sign-ups for the second round of the InuKai Exchange as soon as I get my act together! Hopefully some time this week, once I work out the dates. :)

✩ While you wait, check out the Prince of Tennis Kink Meme! Leave some kinky requests, write some kinky fills! It's anon, so your depravity will not be exposed. (Anyhow, nothing seems too hard-core as yet.) If you still just want to lurk, there are a few fills to read already. :)

✩ Whenever I think my job will finally get less busy, it gets more busy. But we're moving to some projects where I'll get to do back-end dev as well as front-end so I'm happy with that. Anything that gets me more power and authority is all right by me.

✩ I am watching Covert Affairs these days. It is fun and the cast is attractive.

✩ I wish I had some cheese but that would involve getting out of my recliner.

✩ In conclusion, Atobe is hot.

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Tell me about Covert Affairs! Would I like it?

Yay, back-end dev! I mean, yay for you. For me, it would be like dropping a bowling ball on my foot.

ETA: I am into the final few episodes of Damo and it is so excellent!

Edited at 2011-01-19 12:29 am (UTC)

Covert Affairs is about a rookie CIA agent. It's not as serious as I was expecting and the main character is a bit too perfect, but I'm happy that there's a female lead and also Sendhil Ramamurthy around being hot. (He's not in the pilot, though.) You might like it? I'm not sure, though.

Good to hear about Damo! I haven't picked it up yet but it's on the list to finish up later.

Ooh, Sendhil Ramamurthy. Say no more. ::fans self::

Covert Affairs is pretty cool. I missed a few episodes and didn't really pay the best attention to the ones I did watch, buuuut it's a fun show :) I like most of the stuff on USA. (My favorite show on there, and on TV in general, is White Collar -- second half of the season starts tonight and I am terribly excited :DDD)

"Fun show" pretty much sums it up. :) Which is good! We all need light entertainment in our lives.

Hope White Collar lives up to expectations!

There is a kink meme? My week just got a whole lot brighter.

As to the last, yup.

It's new! I hope it takes off -- I could really use some kink in my life right now.

As to the last, I just caught up on Shin Tenipuri and fuck but he's even hotter than before.


lol Atobe's always been hot.

Pimp it out and write some fills, if you are so inclined. :) It would be really great if it took off!

So true! But lately he's been getting EVEN HOTTER. (shin tenipuri omg)

Yes! I already see some prompts I'd like to try. :]

A lot of them have been getting hotter in ShinPuri, like Kiri and Yamato. And Liliadent! Most amazing comeback, I think. But yes, Atobe! I hope the next chapter comes out soon.

YAY InuKai Exchange :) And perfect timing--I will be unemployed in five and a half more weeks!

Excellent! The universe need lots more InuKai.

Yaaay, new InuKai Exchange! I wish I the fanfic-writing type, in that case I totally would have signed up. But I'll be looking forward to reading the stories at least :P

I was the fanfic-writing type*

I'm glad you're looking forward to it! Me too. :)

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