Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Things that are things.

✩ Look for sign-ups for the second round of the InuKai Exchange as soon as I get my act together! Hopefully some time this week, once I work out the dates. :)

✩ While you wait, check out the Prince of Tennis Kink Meme! Leave some kinky requests, write some kinky fills! It's anon, so your depravity will not be exposed. (Anyhow, nothing seems too hard-core as yet.) If you still just want to lurk, there are a few fills to read already. :)

✩ Whenever I think my job will finally get less busy, it gets more busy. But we're moving to some projects where I'll get to do back-end dev as well as front-end so I'm happy with that. Anything that gets me more power and authority is all right by me.

✩ I am watching Covert Affairs these days. It is fun and the cast is attractive.

✩ I wish I had some cheese but that would involve getting out of my recliner.

✩ In conclusion, Atobe is hot.
Tags: i like robots better than you, on the subject of me, tenipuri
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