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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
data pair
The top_cagnotte reveals went up last week! I wrote two stories which I will repost here in due course.

The story written for me was How to Spot an Invert by aunt_agatha! It's a great story -- InuKai and YanaKiri with lots of great Inui-Yanagi interaction as they try to work out their relationships with their kohai.

Thanks again, aunt_agatha! I completely suspected it was you! I hope my request didn't make you too crazy -- it was a little involved, asking for two pairings at the same time. (So greedy, I know!)

In other news, Atobe is still hot and I still like cheese.

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Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!! I about died when I found out who you were because I would have been too freaked to write if I'd known. I'm incredibly relieved you liked it!!! So this reversathon thing is a really great idea for lots of reasons! *\o/*

Atobe will never stop being hot.

I thought it was only the guys at work who found me scary. :D

The story made me so happy! Thank you again!

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