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You can call me Hal.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged...
...that a woman in possession of a Kindle must be in want of book recommendations. Specifically:

Do you have any recommendations for F/F or M/M Regency romances? F/F preferred but both are good. I'm more about banter than smut -- think Georgette Heyer but with two women -- but I'm not too fussy. :)

I bet a Regency AU would be fun fanfic to write too. Hmm, what pairing would be best?

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And I don't even like Roger/Rafa!

But I have been hankering for f/f stories of any kind and I also have a kindle. I will be following this post with great interest. If anyone reading this wants to recommend something to me outside of Regency stories, I will bake you internet cookies!

You make a lot of sense, you really do!

They would fit the Regency odd couple style! Roger is the upstanding, regal gentleman from money so old it's turned to dust. Rafa is the wild son of a rich merchant who does not have the manners to fit into the upper class civilization.

Also, my brain has been all tennis-fied this week so.

this list to start for MM? Sorry rushing for work, so couldn't point out specific

I will check it out. Thank you!

I haven't read it but I've heard great things about Tipping the Velvet. And the best news is, if you like the book there is also a spinoff series!

Oh, and sorry, this is Victorian, not Regency. D: If I say "close enough" some history major will probably see this and kill me, but . . . you know.

I think Regency Kaidoh/ANYONE would be amazing. I can just totally see him being a stuffy Regency bloke. Maybe Kaidoh/Fuji?

I will def have a look at it, thanks!

Mmm, I'm imagining a Kaidoh/Inui/Fuji Regency love triangle now.

Imagining it vividly enough to write it? :D

Browse the diaries of Anne Lister? I've read a couple of novelizations of famous historical F/F Regency-ish romances lately, such as Life Mask, but the diaries were more surprising.

Thanks for the rec! I will check it ou.

I've only ever read M/F Regency romance, so I'd probably need the recs myself. :( Love that (sub-)genre though!

I know I'm going straight to that special hell for this but omg Atobe/Momo Regency AU!! DO WANT.

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