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saint dogbert
What blogs are you reading now that all the Gawker sites are fucked? I can live without Lifehacker, but I'm missing Giz and Jez.

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I still haven't found anything. I only took down the Jez feed yesterday, and I spent the day mousing over that part of my browser. I stopped reading not so much because of the format (I sort of got used to it a few weeks ago when io9 started testing it), than because Jez seems to have suddenly started posting controversial, badly researched articles just to get a rise out of people within the last few weeks.

they really did, and it had gotten to the point where there were a few posters I was Not Reading, and the format change just nailed it. (Like Tracie? omg wtf I do not need that in my life.)

Someone in #groupthink mentioned Persephone Magazine, which so far I like, but its comments are not as active and community-like as Jez's. I have also been reading The Hairpin, but it's kind of like the Maxim to Jez's GQ.

I don't have a replacement for Gizmodo at all.

I love jezebel!

Go on ca.jezebel.com , it'll work fine.

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