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You can call me Hal.

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πούς, ποδός
I am into octopuses these days.

Deep Intellect -- moving article on octopus intelligence

Land-Walking Octopus Explained -- the video of the octopus WALKING ON THE LAND is amazing

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Octopus is one of my favorite foods that I won't allow myself to eat, because I won't eat anything that makes art. They're amazing.

Also, my dad has a badass octopus tattoo!

That's fereakin' amazing. The octopus rules. Thanks for the link!

I've always loved octopuses and their smarts, but their short life cycles make me sad.

Whoa, thanks for sharing! The video was neat but I really enjoyed the article, particularly the bits with Athena.

I found that article very moving. There's another one linked from it, at the bottom, I think, about the author's encounter with Athena's successor.

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