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This post should have been about cheese. Or maybe it is.

So I caught up with Shin Tenipuri last night, up to 65 which was the last scanlation I could find. I actually started with 37, so some of that was re-reading. After nearly 30 chapters in one sitting, I was left with a two main impressions:

1. IS KONOMI FUCKING KIDDING? I like crack, I have always liked the crack. I like tennis boys, I have always liked the tennis boys. But somehow this has turned into the hamster dance of sports manga. Approximately 1 million new characters, none of whom are particularly interesting, approximately 1 million weird match-ups, none of which make any particular sense, approximately 1 million Amazingly Powerful and Highly Ridiculous Special Moves that even Naruto would be embarrassed to use.

Didn't mama ever tell you? When everything is bold, nothing is bold. And when everything is random, we can tell.


I didn't see him once. In 30 chapters. Not a bare ankle, not the tail of a bandana. Inui gets to cuddle with Yanagi (not that there's anything wrong with that). Momo gets to have a whole new special move! (Or, as usual with Momo's special moves, one of his old moves with a bunch more power behind it). Kaidoh gets nothing, not even a seat on the sidelines. I would have assumed that Tezuka took him away to Germany with him except that Eiji does namecheck Kaidoh in one panel.

Was it Kaidoh's mother's birthday and so he had to go home for the afternoon? Was he working out with his earbuds in and he didn't hear everyone else leave to play tennis? When Konomi was putting all the slips of paper into the hat for the matches, did he drop Kaidoh's on the floor and now it's under the refrigerator?

Time to call Character Protective Services and have Kaidoh removed to my custody. I will treat him right. Maybe he'll be a Kamen Rider. Or host Kaidoh's Pet Corner. Or star as a samurai in an Edo period drama. And if Inui ever stops slutting around with Yanagi (not that there's anything wrong with that), he can come too. Other characters by application only.

Of course, I'll still be reading every chapter of the manga...
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