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You can call me Hal.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I have to go to the mall tomorrow to buy makeup. The mall is full of psycho holiday shoppers. What's my best strategy?

Talk to self loudly while shopping to open up space around self
Hire high school girl hanging around entrance to buy makeup on my behalf
Buy cattle prod (not at the mall) to clear a path to Sephora
Order online and pay for rush shipping
Use inferior makeup
Other (please outline your strategy in the comments)

Best post-mall drink?

Wine, and then scotch
Other (please leave recipe in the comments)


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(Deleted comment)
I would use one at work but they are already all scared of me without it.

I learned in my makeup class in college that there's no substantive difference between department store makeup and drugstore makeup, apart from the price.

Chemically, sure, but it does depend what you are looking for. For example, Sephora stocks a MUCH wider range of colors of eyeshadow than any drugstore I've ever been in; all my daily eyeshadow palettes for years have come from the drugstore, and my regular mascara & eyebrow pencils -- but all my evening/celebrationy party shadows are from Sephora, and the dramatic dark-purple mascara I like for special occasions.

Also now I am reminded I am almost out of the dark purple mascara. Can't have THAT, with holiday parties coming up!

LOL -- I'll have to remember that one.

Just buy your makeup from the supermarket. Unless you need a lot of it.

Then drink lots of hot chocolate.

Seconded. Much hot chocolate needs to be consumed.

Possibly with peppermint schnapps. :)

I haven't had hot chocolate in ages!

Talking to yourself no longer works as it used to. People just assume you have a Bluetooth earpiece in.

That's a good point. Maybe I need to be handing out some badly printed religious tracts instead.

(Deleted comment)
Probably a bit bulky, though!

Sephora online! My FAVORITE. Awesome weekly specials, frequent buyer points, 3 free samples, and NO CROWDS.

Completely awesome! It makes me feel lazy, though, when the store isn't that far away.

Pepper spray seems to be the rage this year. LOL
well... really don't try that as you will probably be arrested.

Drink a Diet Coke.

Gots to pick Atobe (there is no other choice).

Have fun and good luck.

I will try to avoid either being arrested or being pepper sprayed by anyone else!

(Deleted comment)
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