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Whose bright idea was it to have the solstice on the 22nd this year?

To Do List -- June

  • Make bed
  • Do dishes
  • Sort books to get rid of
  • Clean out closets
  • Develop web app
  • Attend social event
  • Work overtime
  • Travel to D&D con
  • Assemble furniture
  • Exercise
  • Cook amazing meal
  • Write fic
  • Be generally fabulous

To Do List -- December

  • Put on pants before leaving apartment
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Well, I didn't say I'd crossed that one off.

Hilarious and true, but begs the question: why must you leave the apartment? Life can wait: it's only a short day!

Gainful employment is the only reason I can come up with!

I'm the same - but I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Haaaaate summer, hate it.

Spring and fall are the best!

This sounds so familiar...

As long as we all remember our pants...

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