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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Festivus!
Put up the Festivus Pole!

Air your grievances!

Participate in the Feats of Strength! Write me one line of fic and I will write you one back.

Festivus comes but once a year. Make the most of it.

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oh wow. completely forgot festivus this year! thank you for reminding me.

It does sneak up on you!

One line fic (Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

Danny had categorized this particular Steve-face as #37--Happled, because when Danny said 'yes, Steven, I'll marry you, you big idiot', Steve's expression was 50% baffled, full of confusion-widened blue eyes framed by those ridiculous lashes practically screaming 'how could you love me? and 50% happy, with his mouth pulled wide in the goofiest, shit-eatingest, "I just dropped percussion grenades on all the terrorists"-est grin Danny had ever seen.

Yeah, I know, it's a run on sentence, but there you have it.
Happy Festivus!

Re: One line fic (Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

Sorry for the delay! That was super-cute. :)

"It's sweet of you to ask but I thought we already were married," the Doctor said but the Master shrugged: "I had it annulled."

Re: One line fic (Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

Brilliant! I can't decide on who this is in my head. I think it's Ten/Master (Oh, John Simm how I adore thee) but then I imagine Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch playing this out and I get a little wobbly *L*

Thanks; hope you are having a happy Christmas!

Re: One line fic (Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado for me, but so lovely we have all the choices. :)

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