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You can call me Hal.

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This and that
I've started on setting up my DW circles but I have only finished A & B so far. This could take a while. I'm trying to set up everything the same as my LJ reading groups, then once I've got that done, sort it so I'm only reading people in once place, depending on their preference. My plan is to cross-post everything; LJ is still my default but I'm trying to be more active on DW as well.

Due to the way I'm setting things up, I'm pretty much granting access to everyone I subscribe to as well. Please don't feel like you have to reciprocate! And this is a good time to remind everyone that it's always okay to drop me; you don't have to explain why. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume that you still think I'm a wonderful person but my journal entries are not meeting your current needs.

At this rate, I should get around to updating AO3 sometime in 2013. :)

In other news, I finally found my Civilization IV disc and so there is no other news.

Crossposted: http://prillalar.dreamwidth.org/491446.html

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Civ IV! I had to uninstall it back then to stop myself faffing about on it, so naturally I have found new things to faff about wasting time on. Addictive, these games. :)

I've uninstalled and reinstalled it more than once. :D

This is inspiring me to do the same and try to actually use my DW account.

How's the set-up going? I have now finished up to E. :)

ha! I am up to I.

I can't seem to find a theme I like and can't go to DW 100% since LJ people might still post friend-only thingys, but I think I'm figuring things out? Maybe?

It's sad going through my friendslist and seeing the crossed out names though. :(

Yeah, the theme selection isn't that great. I haven't looked yet at how much I can customize. But I am getting a little excited about findin some new communities there and hopefully meeting some cool people.

I know. :( Sometimes I think I should remove them, but what if they come back?

I can't remove them! Their crossed out names stand as tiny memorials to ljs gone

(I was thinking I might look at some people who'd been there for awhile and see if they had any nice themes)

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