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Confidential to Miss debchan: You don't have him, you shan't have him, and I'm never going to back down.

In fact, he asked me to give this to you:

Miss debchan,

We have never met and thus it is perhaps indecorous of me to write to you, but it has been brought to my notice that you have been introducing yourself, either through some strange delusion, or for some malicious purpose, as my wife.

Regardless of your reasons for uttering such falsehoods, madam, I must ask that you cease this shocking behaviour! You are causing much distress to my beloved prillalar and placing yourself in most precarious position.

The threat of legal action has not influenced you. Permit me to remind you that I am a pirate and as such, would not hesitate to employ a more direct solution to this problem. Rest assured that I will not undertake this personally, lest the sight of me cause you further mental distress.

I hope that you will be persuaded by this letter to cease all references to me as your husband so that no extraordinary action need be taken.

Jas. Hook (Captain)


I've been thinking about vision lately, partly because I've been reading about how it works (what we know of it) and partly because I just got some cool new glasses. Going to the optometrist reminds me of all ways people with poor vision learn to cope with it.

I have trouble when I'm supposed to read the line of letters because I'm now quite good at working out what the letters probably are, by looking for straight lines or curves, that sort of thing. It's like cryptography. And usually context will then help you to work out if that's an N or H.

I also realised that when I read, which I do a lot and always have done, I don't form strong mental pictures of the characters. I form strong impressions of them, but it's not the same thing. When I read about Hermione, I have an impression of bushy hair and smartness, but there's no actual picture of her face in my mind.

I don't find that movies of books really fill that out for me either. When I read Lord of the Rings, the only character that's now fully visualized and replaced by the movie version is Gandalf, probably because he was note-perfect. In Harry Potter, it's only Lucius Malfoy, probably because his move characterisation was an improvement on the book. Everyone else is just the same as they were before the movies came out.

I'm not sure if I'm unusual in this.


And on to Stargate.

New Ground
Fun! Teal'c is blinded -- just like Speed Racer in the ep where they're in that huge Alpine race. I hoped Racer X would show up to help Teal'c out, but he never did. The others sit in tiny cages. Daniel is questioned. Wow, I say, I didn't think he'd be able to hold out while they tortured Jack. Or maybe, I reconsider, Daniel's still mad at Jack for the last two episodes.

Maternal Instinct
I always love seeing Master Bra'tac show up, especially when he and Hammond get to greet each other. And it was fun to see Daniel barefoot and so convinced that he had Special Powers. But it seemed a little hollow to chase after the child and then have him go off with the Organians. All the death by lightning was pretty cool.

Crystal Skull
Loved it! Eps where someone is out of phase are cheesy, but I always enjoy them. There should have been far more eavesdropping, though. And Daniel's grandfather is so cool. I bet he was like Indiana Jones back in the day. There should be a spin-off about his adventures. As well, crystal skulls are always nifty.

Thor loves Jack and Jack loves Thor. Thor trusts Jack to get the job done. Jack doesn't seem to mind that Thor has doomed him to almost certain death. So long as they're together. *sigh* Oh, and Teal'c's spacewalk was wicked cool.

I said that I wasn't going to write any fic til I'd seen through S3. And now I have. Guess I better get thinking. The tricky thing is, I ship everybody. Which might be too wide a focus to start with. Unless I write a soap opera. Hmm...

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