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The tennis boys we will always have with us.

Shin Tenipuri anime starts Jan 4 and Crunchyroll will be streaming it! As unsatisfying as the manga has turned out to be, I am still ridiculously excited and will be following every episode. :) It's even airing on my day off, so I can be in front of the TV the very minute it's available. Except this week, since I have an optometrist appointment and will have blurry vision for hours after. :(

I have been re-watching the Prince of Tennis Chinese drama again. I think I love it even more every time.

Hai Tang and Cheng Wu cuddling on a bench

The training camp, where they have to trick Hai Tang and Cheng Wu into sharing a room so they'll bond and become a good doubles pair! And Zhen Zhi constantly saying what a bad idea that is, it can't work, why don't Hai Tang and I make a doubles pair, etc, until Guo Guang yells at him to put his personal feelings aside and think about the team!

If you're a tenipuri fan and haven't watched the drama, I highly recommend it. DoReMii subbed both seasons.

I have been watching many other things as well, more about them another day. :)

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