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You can call me Hal.

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The tennis boys we will always have with us.
kaidoh sparks
Shin Tenipuri anime starts Jan 4 and Crunchyroll will be streaming it! As unsatisfying as the manga has turned out to be, I am still ridiculously excited and will be following every episode. :) It's even airing on my day off, so I can be in front of the TV the very minute it's available. Except this week, since I have an optometrist appointment and will have blurry vision for hours after. :(

I have been re-watching the Prince of Tennis Chinese drama again. I think I love it even more every time.

Hai Tang and Cheng Wu cuddling on a bench

The training camp, where they have to trick Hai Tang and Cheng Wu into sharing a room so they'll bond and become a good doubles pair! And Zhen Zhi constantly saying what a bad idea that is, it can't work, why don't Hai Tang and I make a doubles pair, etc, until Guo Guang yells at him to put his personal feelings aside and think about the team!

If you're a tenipuri fan and haven't watched the drama, I highly recommend it. DoReMii subbed both seasons.

I have been watching many other things as well, more about them another day. :)

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NO WAY. OH. OH OH. Thank you for this life changing update.

YES WAY! Even if it sucks, it's still my wonderful show and it's back!

I really need to watch the Chinese version. I've heard great things about it.

You really do! It is so much love.

If the Chinese version had focussed on Rikkai, I'd be all over it. sigh, why do I so often end up not caring about the protagonists. XD

Yeah, they didn't show up until the last part of the second series. But they were very, very cool when they did!

Hmm, I'm mostly seeing Jyousei and Rokkaku when I go search, with only a bit of Rikkai. I'm guessing it's a rather small part?

I have no hope of ever catching up with the chinese drama, but I remember enjoying what I watched A LOT.

I see the news of the new PoT anime every week/month on the Jump magazines and... cringe. But I hope it is enjoyable for the fans that have still some patience and stomach left! ; )

I have a pretty high tolerance for bad/silly so I'm sure I'll be fine. :) It's only recently the manga has been bothering me.

Yay Shin Tenipuri! If nothing else maybe we will get that scene of Kaidoh carrying Momo up the mountain!

I'm going to go post my story BTW :D.

We had better! Also the Data Pair hand-holding. :)

Yay story!!! I will probably post mine on Thursday.

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