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Blog rec and a bit of blather

Incredibly busy at work this week and next with off-sites, not getting my day off (usually work a 4-day week), and travelling. May not be posting/commenting as much as I would like. But I only have to work a half-day Wednesday this week, so should have some regularly scheduled tenipuri flail. Next week will depend on the wireless in my hotel.

Been meaning to rec this blog for a while: Context and Variation by Dr Kate Clancy: Human behavior, evolutionary medicine… and ladybusiness. Good writing, good info, good topics, good discussion. One of my favourite posts from last year: Iron-deficiency is not something you get just for being a lady. I wish I'd had this info that time I was diagnosed with iron-deficiency.

As well, her Best of 2011: Ladybusiness Anthropology Edition links to some great posts by other people. My fave: Learning to Speak Like a Woman, an interview about speech therapy for transgendered people.

In other news, Drew Barrymore is getting married again, but not to me. :( Clearly, this calls for Scotch chocolate!

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