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Shin Tenipuri Anime Episode 2 Recap-O-Rama

Super Great Momoshiro Special!

Momoshiro dirty and smiling

Flashback to last week, when Tokugawa asked Ryoma: Do you want to go home with me? and Ryoma shrugged and gave him that saucy look, that one he used to give Atobe back in the day.

So, before we get into it, I should just say that it may be bad and wrong and also going against every TezuRyo bone in my body (ie all of them) but I just can't help but want Tokugawa and Ryoma in a bad and wrong and Tezuka-destroying affair.

Ahem. And back now the episode recap.

Horio (OMG HORIO!!!!!) is on his way to the camp, lugging a bag that Echizen demanded he deliver for him. It's either a six-pack of grape Ponta or a human head.

There is a huge buffet of amazing looking food that causes all of Seigaku to drool.

It also causes Kaidoh and Atobe to almost get into a fight for no good reason at all except that maybe one of the production staff has a gross of Atobe/Kaidoh doujinshi that she can't move. Momo has to calm Kaidoh down so that it doesn't come out that he's dating both of them.

Then Momo has to play a shuffle match against Oni who has only two strings on his racquet. Two visible strings. Probably the rest is a force field generated from a fuel cell in the handle. Also he is on steroids.

Atobe and Kaidoh are watching intently. Also the rest of Momo's boyfriends: Kamio, Kurobane, Eiji, and Taka-san, only Taka-san doesn't atually know he's Momo's boyfriend.

Kaidoh cheers on Momo with a smile!

Kaidoh smiling and cheering for Momo

Actually, the smile creeps me the hell out. Maybe Atobe tried to get Kaidoh drunk at lunch because that was the plot of that doujinshi? And Kaidoh wouldn't put out but he did get oddly giggly?

Anyhow, Inui is standing beside Kaidoh but, as always, is strangely ignorant of the MomoKai right under his nose. "Ah, some good data on one of my teammates!" he says, instead of, "My boyfriend is cheating on me with that spikey-haired idiot! Maybe I should wear more cologne!"

Oni beats Momo to a pulp via tennis. Momo's wrists are numb from the power of Oni's completely legal racquet, so he has to hold his own racquet in his arms in some completely possible fashion, like the racquet is a baby and he's using the baby's head to hit the ball. Also, he picks up the ball with his teeth. I notice they did not animate the part where he has to toss the ball into the air.

Atobe makes a note to tell Kabaji not to fetch Momo for him any more until his arms start working again. And brushes his teeth.

Meanwhile, Dan Taichi and that unicorn kid from Rikkai show up and hang out with Horio. Dan is bringing Akutsu a good luck charm. Also, he will volunteer to do all Akutsu's laundry. The unicorn kid is just kind of boring.

Back at Seigaku, Arai has changed the locks on the tennis club room door. He's making everyone call him Arai-Captain and forcing them to run 50 laps a day. Katsuo dies from exhaustion. Ikeda joins the basketball team.

So, back to Momo. Watch out, Kaidoh yells, his love and passion for Momo obvious to all (except Inui). Even if I die or am never again able to use my arms, Momo says, it's worth it if Kaidoh will put out more! Thus fuelled by teenage hormones, he manages to hit one last shot that coincides with the fuel cell in Oni's Force Racquet failing and so makes it appear that the gut has broken. He doesn't take the point, though.

Oni says he'd like to sign on as another one of Momo's boyfriends. Momo agrees but due to Oni's non-hotness, this is vetoed by the fans.

Some random high schoolers diss Momo. For a moment, it looks like Ryoma is going to claim his vacant slot as another Momo-boyfriend and defend Momo's honour, but he's just looking for his new dom flame, Tokugawa. Tezuka cries, but silently because Okiayu is already voicing one of the random high schoolers.

The web-cam perving coach watches footage of Momo on the court (and in the shower). He compares Momo to a capybara, which happens to be the largest rodent in the world, according to Wikipedia. I'm hoping he's not going to use that line on Momo when he's taking advantage of him later.

A coalition of Momo-boyfriends (Kawamura, Eiji, and Kaidoh) hover over bandaged Momo and jostle for position. Kaidoh, of course, wins out due to the other two being afraid to die and he and Momo engage in their usual rough foreplay.

"You should avoid holding your racquet, if you know what I mean," Inui says, still blissfully unaware that Kaidoh is going to be holding it for Momo later on.

Sanada has some lines. He doesn't come out and say so, but we can tell he is pleased that Momo is out of commision because that means more "racquet-holding" with Atobe in his future.

The perv coach makes them all pair off, in order to get better cam footage. Boyfriends, boyfriends everywhere: Golden Pair, Silver Pair, whatever Pair you call Kamio and Shinji, Kawamura and Akutsu, etc, etc, etc.

Kaidoh carpes the hell out of his diem and makes his move on Tezuka! (OMG, his voice in that scene!) "Very well," Tezuka says. "Please be gentle."

Inui is unpopular. Only Mizuki is left to pair with him. (Straight up, I'm sad they didn't use his dialogue from the manga, where he was all: Kaidoh? Renji?)

Ryoma is still questing for his love but is found by Kin-chan instead. Also more random loser high schoolers.

Tragedy! All the boyfriends are going to have to play against each other to see who will be dropped from the camp! We're left in suspense until next week! Well, unless you already read the manga, like I did.

Okay, the MomoKai was off the charts in this episode! ♥ ♥ ♥ I would be writing some missing scene fic about them right now except that I already did, after Momo's match in the manga: Sun Gets In Your Eyes, MomoKai, R.

Next week, Golden Pair sunset shots and more random crack!

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