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You can call me Hal.

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Canada and Same Sex Marriage
Found a good explainer of the legal issues behind the recent controversy. If you missed it, some years ago, a same-sex couple from the US came to Canada, were married, and returned to the US. Recently, they returned to Canada to get a divorce, but were told that since their marriage is not legal in their place of residence, it's not recognized in Canada. A second issue is that Canada does not have a residence requirement for marriage, but does (one year) for divorce.

Great analysis: The Same Sex Marriage Matter by Kevin Kindred (a lawyer and queer activist)

The government has since announced that same sex marriages will be considered valid in Canada regardless of the partners' home country and they will amend the law to that effect: Ottawa affirms legality of same-sex marriages performed in Canada. We don't know yet if the residency requirement (which applies to all marriages) will be removed as well.

Also, I was always disappointed that the final episode of Trailer Park Boys did not feature the wedding of Randy and Mr Lahey.

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Thank you for that first link. The way the story was reported was legally and factually wrong, which I recognized, but I couldn't tell what the heck was really going on.

Glad that helped! I was pretty confused until I read it.

So... someone finally pointed out to Harper the CRAZY AMOUNTS OF $$$$ those same-sex marriages bring in?

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