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You can call me Hal.

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Tenipuri PSA
kaidoh kalos
There's a new Prince of Tennis fic exchange in town! funpotexchange No particular theme, just lots of tennis boy fun. :)

Sign-ups until Jan 31, assignments Feb 3, due Apr 1: more info | sign up (you know you want to)

I am definitely signing up; I'm still contemplating my offers and requests. It's so great to see the fandom gearing up a bit more!

In other news, I'll be out of town Wed - Fri. I'm hoping the wifi in my hotel will be robust enough to stream the new PoT ep from Crunchyroll. I've got my iPad all set up so I can cap and recap. :)

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:) Thanks for the signal boost.

Hey, I can also post about it on the DW PoT comm, unless you'd rather I didn't.

Please do if you're willing to! Thanks. :)

I've signed up! Yay!

And good luck on Wednesday! :-)

Yay! It's been ages since I did a fic exchange!

I was tempted, but then I went back and read some of your old stuff and realized I am a crap writer -_-;

Aw. :( If you think it would be fun, you should go for it.

Oh man. I may just do. God.

Do it! Do it! I'll be signing up this weekend. :)

It's a definite yes. New layout!

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