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Roll the dice, life is a breeze

✩ I love Mondays. I can keep my head down and work without getting bothered every twenty minutes. I think I only got three IMs all day and one of those was about Sherlock.

Post a line from your WIPs meme is going around again. Here are a few of mine. Maybe this will help me decide what to prioritize. :)

Kachirou's legs are tired and his chest is burning, but he paces Arai, one step behind, twenty times around the courts.

Oishi opened his mouth to tell Fuji to tell Momo to tell Eiji about the surprise, but then he remembered he wasn't speaking to Fuji.

There was silence on the line and Inui traced down the flow chart to Tezuka says nothing.

Whatever it was when you hung around together and snapped at each other and pulled each other's shirts off in dark rooms, kissing until Kaidoh's jaw was sore and Momoshiro didn't have anything more to say.

I thought there was a MitKo one too but I guess that just exists in my head right now.

✩ Can't stop listening to: Better by K'naan, from his new EP More Beautiful Than Silence. (Let's see if the embed works...)

That would be a no, then. Try this instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU8uOvPR6Ig

✩ Last chance to sign up for funpotexchange!

✩ I love you. Also cheese.

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