Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Tezuka/Kaidoh mini fest!

Tezuka showing Kaidoh tennis strategy at a whiteboard

True Believer in their Deep Abiding Love? Intrigued by the pairing of two strong, silent players? Think they're hot and want to see them get busy?

Let's play! Leave some prompts, write some fic (or draw or whatever you like), leave the link, and we'll all enjoy! All are welcome and feel free to leave prompts or anything else, even if you're not writing/drawing!

I really want to write these two but I need a kick in the pants to get started, please help me out. ♥

(Probably best to leave comments on the LJ version of the post, to keep them together.)

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Tags: tenipuri, tezuka/kaidoh
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