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You can call me Hal.

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This, that, and the next thing
♙ I listened to Leonard Cohen's new album Old Ideas today. How am I supposed to get any work done with that voice whispering in my ear? So lovely.

♟I need to adjust my reading filters so I don't have most of your posts showing up on both LJ and DW. LJ is still my default. If you would prefer I read your journal on DW instead and you are still posting in both places, please check the box below. Otherwise, no action is required on your part. Thank you!

♙ It may be time for a Slam Dunk re-watch / re-read. As fun as flailing over tenipuri is, I'm craving an actual sports series. Though priestess123 has me all fired up for Hajime no Ippo again too! Which would you pick? Or do you have another suggestion?

♟I have started to watch Dark Shadows and by "started" I mean "watched 2 out of 1225 episodes so far". It looks like it will be great fun! Anyone else a fan?

♙ Too hungry to think of more things to write. Time for my shepherd's pie! (Technically cottage pie, I guess.) What are you having for supper?


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I have been reading the manga before I started the anime, and I really liked it... So what is it you don't like about it, not enough hot guys? XD

I guess it's just not really a sports series, it's just a supernatural shounen disguised as sports series XDD

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