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❀ Due to some stuff at work that I won't get into at this time, I feel I must get myself into a state of cat-like readiness in case I need to job-hunt. And maybe scare up some freelance work. The thing that depresses me the most? I'm going to have to tweet and blog and make a LinkedIn account and network. I wish it were enough to be damn good at my job, because I am.

❀ I love my assignment for funpotexchange! I'm trying to narrow down between two pairings but it is very difficult to choose. Do you have a sure-fire decision-making process?

❀ Also, if you are writing for me in that exchange (or in any exchange, ever), please don't worry about trying to fit in my prompts or what I'll like. Write a story YOU are happy with and I'm sure I'll be happy too. I'd much rather read that than something that ticks off the boxes of what I said I like.

❀ Speaking of difficult decisions, I went with a Hajime no Ippo rewatch instead of Slam Dunk. I figure I'll watch all the anime and then pick up the manga where it leaves off. And then see if this time I can catch up. Although I think it's nearly at 1000 issues now, so it may take a while. (Maybe I'll alternate with episodes of Dark Shadows!)

❀ I have been trying to write some Tezuka/Kaidoh but I'm a little stuck and also a little annoyed. While I love the idea of Tezuka singling Kaidoh out for special attention and buchou-prep, what's the point of making him do extra workouts and running when he already does extra workouts and running? When Inui made training menus for Kaidoh, he had to give him less than was optimal to compensate for Kaidoh doing more than he was given. So I love the matches and tactical discussions with Kaidoh, but, frankly, Tezuka making him do extra laps like he wasn't already running huge amounts every day is pretty insulting. Although, maybe that's where I need to start. Hmm. Thoughts?

❀ ♥

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