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You can call me Hal.

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Shin Tenipuri Episode 6 Recap-O-Rama
Momo sleeping on Kaidoh's back

The Crack(s) of Doom

Nota bene: if you usually skip the intro (due to it sucking) you may want to watch it this week since that's the only place you'll get any gratuitously hot Tokugawa. :(

We open to a voice over the intercom: The Loser Bus is waiting for the Loser Boys to take you Loser Home. So get your Loser Asses to the Loser Parking Lot. Losers.

The winners watch aloofly from a hilltop as their teammates and lovemuffins board the bus. Tearful farewells from Golden Pair and Silver Pair. Choutarou doesn't know how he's going to sleep at night without his wifey. Shishido is already thinking about the new video game he's going to buy on the way home.

Sanada looks back at Yukimura. "Go home, get undressed, and wait for me," Yukimura says. Sanada doesn't answer but we all know he will.

Workout Coach, standing on a balcony like a dictator, flanked by clone sub-coaches, gives the winners a tortuous training menu (ie half what Kaidoh does every day) which they have to complete within six hours, in addition to their usual sexy shenanigans for the cam feed.

They are forced to do the routines in unison to music, not for the added power of a training montage, but because those who are not selected for the main tennis team may yet earn glory on the cheerleading team! (The coaches regret that Gakuto was cut since he would have been a great flyer.)

Atobe and Shiraishi working out

Back on the Loser Bus, we can see who are Bus Boyfriends (Momo and Kaidoh) and who is Sad and Lonely (Sanada).

Tennis boys on the bus

Tragcially, we don't get a close up of Inui and Yanagi holding hands, but we know they are because it was in the manga.

Sanada stares out the window and has...can it be? A FLASHBACK TO HIS MATCH WITH YUKIMURA. Of about 0.5 seconds. And no black tentacles. Stop fucking teasing us!!!

Anyhow, they are down to 57 bottles of beer on the wall when they realise the bus is not driving them home like they thought it was going to. The bus driver forces them off the bus in a deserted forest and he must have a gun or something because otherwise I don't know why 25 junior high kids couldn't just commandeer the bus and drive to Tokyo Disney. I'm sure Sanada has a big rig licence.

The woods are all dark and scary and the kids are all alone, miles from civilization, and about to be hunted down and killed by a deranged man with facial scars and a hook, all due to a huge misunderstanding about the "slasher fans" of the show.

And there he is now! Oh, it's just Stringbean Coach, along with his ichinen toys, Ryoma and Kintarou, who have been having a very educational day. Well, it's all new to Kintarou, anyhow.

"My real job begins here," Stringbean says and I don't think I can make that any creepier that it really is. "Climb the mountain," he says, which you would think was a metaphor for working hard except that there's an actual big-ass mountain behind him.

So, I have to ask: Did these kids have to get a permission slip from their parents to be abandoned in the woods and risk their lives climbing a mountain without equipment or supervision? Oh, they did. Well, that's okay then.

Ryoma starts off down a dark path, because he thought there was a vending machine there. Everyone else follows because they are stupid kids can't lose to him!

Sanada, being slightly less stupid, stays behind to confront Stringbean about what's going on. Tempted as he is, Stringbean is too afraid of Yukimura to try anything, though.

And they climb the mountain. Yeah.

Tennis boys climbing a mountain

Momo slips and falls, due to his arms still being fucked up. Ryoma is actually concerned about Momo! With Tezuka, Tokugawa, and Atobe all back at the camp, he's got to think about his own needs. Well, okay, Ryoma just likes his Momo-senpai and it's rather sweet.

"Just leave me here to die," Momo says. "I'll only slow you down."

"But we might need to eat you later," Ryoma says.

"If anyone eats Momoshiro, it's going to be me," Kaidoh says. Momo perks up a little.

Sanada drops by to give Momo a reverse psychology pep talk about how there's no shame in giving up and going home. Or maybe Sanada is just depressed right now.

Kaidoh, his heart moved by the tender memories of those golden times with Momoshiro, pawing each other in bathroom stalls, carries Momo on his back. "You can be on top for once, you idiot."

Kaidoh carrying Momo on his back

Their love is angry and beautiful and I will never, ever get tired of it. ♥

And there is an inspiring mountain-climbing montage, much more manly than the cheerleading montage back at camp. Momo falls asleep on Kaidoh, which you would think Kaidoh would be used to by now.

It's dark and there's a creepy suspension bridge to cross. And they're being chased by ninjas. So, they are smart and carefully cross one by one and reach a lovely camp facility and make smores and tell ghost stories. Or maybe they are stupid and all cross at once and Tanishi jumps on and the ropes break and they all fall to their deaths in the river. This part confused me a little. Also, I miss Tokugawa.

Anyhow, their parents signed the permissions slips.

Around the campfire, the boys discuss whether they are supposed to be making Lord of the Flies or Lost references. Also, who they should eat first. "Not Momoshiro," Kaidoh mutters.

A creature in the forest howls and skulks around the edges of the camp, frightening the boys and not really providing any clarity to the Lord of the Flies/Lost situation. It turns out to be Yuuji, who went feral in the woods while looking for Koharu. (This really happens.) But Koharu's sparkly love brings Yuuji back from his wild state. Also, Zaizen is there with a bunch of mushrooms which are definitely not poison.

There is one more dangerous cliff to climb, so they decide to climb it in the dark, due to being stupid and unsupervised. Sanada takes charge and instructs them to keep the signal fire lit and help will be there soon leads them up the mountain. In the dark. At least they didn't stick lit torches in their packs or run with scissors or something.

People randomly slip and other people randomly catch them and a bunch of tennis balls randomly drop from the top and randomly start some fucking rock slides. Momo and Kaidoh prepare to die together. Sanada is hot. Also an inspirational leader who gives about the longest speech I've ever heard from him. But mostly hot.

Sanada looking hot on a mountain

They reach the top. Bodies lie sprawled and unmoving on the cold, misty ground. Ah, and there's the scar-having, hook-wearing psychopath who's going to kill them all.

Even Ryoma looks scared.

Next week: Data Pair Paradise!

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"The Loser Bus is waiting for the Loser Boys to take you Loser Home. So get your Loser Asses to the Loser Parking Lot. Losers."

"he must have a gun or something because otherwise I don't know why 25 junior high kids couldn't just commandeer the bus and drive to Tokyo Disney."
I know, right?!

"all due to a huge misunderstanding about the "slasher fans" of the show."

"Next week: Data Pair Paradise!"
WOO!!! \o/

The creep factor in this episode was off the charts! But so was the Hot Sanada factor, so it all works out. :D

(Deleted comment)
Kaidoh is always dreamy! Momo thinks so too. :)

We're approaching the point where I gave up on the manga, so it's all going to be a surprise for me! Exciting. And Momo and Kaidoh are so sweet, as always. ♥

There are indeed some surprises in your future! And MomoKai will never not be grouchy sweet. ♥

I don't have the heart/stomach/viscerae to keep watching, just yet, but those MomoKai screencaps are sheer love. :D

Also, ARGH to the creepy legs at exercise. They have all become anorexic in no time!

They are the sweetest of the sweet!

Re the legs: ick, yes. But probably we are seeing the photoshopped stills released by Host Club Coach.



I'm going to have to watch this, aren't I.

Your recaps are a thing of wonder. Awww look how cute Kaidoh is! Actually, everyone looks very hot and on-model.

We are certainly not lacking for hotness in shin tenipuri! :)

I think your assessment that Sanada was depressed this whole episode was spot-on. The sheer power of his moping was overwhelming.

Also: a;sldkfjas;df can't wait for next episode.

Edited at 2012-02-09 03:04 am (UTC)

I think he was mostly depressed because he knows what Yukimura will do to him because he's not home waiting with his clothes off. :D

Data Pair!!!

Or is he depressed because he knows what Yukimura won't do to him because he's not home waiting with his clothes off? ;)

Anything that involves Renji is awesome. Anything that involves Renji and Inui conspiring is more awesome. I expect the awesome factor of next episode to be off the charts.

Sac527 pretty much summed up what I wanted to say :-) Except that, again, I adore your version of what happened :-)

Next episode Data Pair!!! :-)

Edited at 2012-02-09 04:15 am (UTC)

Hee! Thanks! :)

Can't wait!!!

I was reading bits of this down skype to my friend and we laughed like twats.

Your recap really made me lol, thank you! :D

Zaizen is there with a bunch of mushrooms Well, that explains everything that happens afterwards - it was all just a hallucination caused by the weird mushrooms. Makes sense to me.

That's a good theory -- maybe that's the real reason Zaizen was out there in the first place. :)

Did these kids have to get a permission slip from their parents to be abandoned in the woods and risk their lives climbing a mountain without equipment or supervision?

I totally know what you're getting at here! I once went on a school field trip where the permission slip said NOTHING about us students having to trek up a mountain, which I so did not have the right shoes for. Then we had to crawl and climb our way through a seriously tight-fitting and jagged cave called "The Judgment". But it was alright, since it was in search of enlightenment and cleansing.

Nevermind, it was trippy.

Then we had to make our way through some other slippery uphill path in search of a blessed waterfall. Which again, I did not have the right shoes for. And again, was very trippy.

Though it did lead to us girls ogling our famous celebrity classmate as he got all drenched and whatnot in the water. OH WAIT, that was another field trip up another mountain.

...Sorry, just had to get it out. Your recaps were cracking me up, and I just had to share this beloved memory to show how much I sympathize with our boys.

Kaidoh - amazing, yeah! Love him!^^

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