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You can call me Hal.

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My Zombie Apocalypse Teams
Team "Survive The Zombie Apocalypse"
Sarah Jane Smith - leadership and awesomeness
Ron Swanson - survival and weapons
Hermione Granger - magic and research
Turanga Leela - asskicking and tank tops
Betty White - asskicking and morale
Maurice Moss - tech support

Team "Initiate The Zombie Apocalypse"
Galadriel - leadership and general ruthlessness
The Master (Delgado for preference) - evil schemes and consort
Victor von Doom - science and capes
O-Ren Ishii - swordfighting and financial backing
Ricky - education (zombies only need their grade 10)
Maurice Moss - tech support

Or maybe I'll just sit back and play both teams off each other...

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I thought the PoT players with rackets+balls would be perfect for a zombie apocalypse?

They will be perfectly capable, of course! But I'll feel a little more secure and a lot less skeevy if I'm with Sarah Jane and Ron Swanson. :D

Same here, you need Atobe somewhere there.

Hee! You can have him on your team. :)

Your lack of Jedi and Ninja Turtles disturbs me.

(My team would be made up entirely of Jedi and Ninja Turtles, don't judge.)

I don't judge you, just George Lucas.

Yeah, he has gone off the deep end. I want to buy Star Wars on blu ray, but I just can't do it knowing thr unedited movies aren't included.

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