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You can call me Hal.

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It always comes back to this.
slam dunk
Pro Tip: Don't start rewatching Slam Dunk as a reward for working on your Prince of Tennis story.

This weekend has been a lot more reward than writing! But I can't regret it -- Slam Dunk is King. Always and forever.

This is probably my fifth time through. Yet out of the blue, I'm now shipping Sendoh/Rukawa. No idea why it hit me now, but it hit so hard I'm daydreaming un-ironic fanvids about them to Call Me Maybe. It's a sickness.

Sendoh and Rukawa under the basket

I see them having these casual hook-ups. Sendoh enjoys it and finds Rukawa fun to tease but that's as deep as it goes for him. Rukawa is completely in love with Sendoh. And Dramatic (but Subtle) Things Ensue.

Still not as epic as YoHana, though. ♥

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It's always the best. :)

(Deleted comment)
I think a little heartbreak would do him good. :)

Slam Dunk always fills me with ♥♥♥!

lol Slam Dunk!

I was never that into any pairing that didn't have Sakuragi somewhere in it, but I did collect Prin's Deep Purple SenRu doujinshi for awhile, just because they are so pretty. I can def see where people get their ideas for it, though! I love your take on it, but I enjoy being a little mean to Rukawa, because he makes me laugh. >:)

YoHana! :DDDD

Poor Rukawa, he's going to be so grumpy. :D

YoHana for ever!

You are the second person I know who is currently fangirling over Slam Dunk XD It is like the universe is telling me to read it XD

You absolutely should! It's the best sports series I know.

I have just started reading it... And why is everyone so ugly in this series XD I'm too used to sports series full of bishounens XDD

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