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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
The other day after work, I was reading a book. After a while, I realized I needed to eat something. So I went to the kitchen to make myself some bacon and eggs but I really didn't want to stop reading, not even for fifteen minutes. So I put my Kindle on the counter and read while I cooked. I knew it was a stupid thing to do -- I was grating cheese and turning bacon and not looking at what I was doing and I could have spilled food on the Kindle or hurt myself. But I just had to keep reading, so I did.

It felt so good, not just to read, but to be so compelled to read. And I thought, as I was scrambling the eggs: This is the feeling of my happy childhood.


ETA: I think the book I was reading was Unwind by Neal Shusterman

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You left out something important: WHAT WAS THE BOOK??

I remember reading while I crossed the road as a kid, holding the book so I could sort of see the road in the gap between the bottom of the pages and me, and trusting in the green lights.

I think it was Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

It seems so much more virtuous to read while walking than text while walking. :)

I totally sympathize with that. Some days its all about recapturing my youth when I would take that flashlight under the covers with me...even though I'm a grownup and can just leave the lights on now. LOL! :-)

What book were you reading, out of curiosity?

Hee! "One more chapter..."

I think it was Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Yes, but what was the book? :D

I think it was Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Like everyone else said already, what was the book? XDD

Anyhow, I completely understand how you feel, before internet I really loved reading, I even recorded my impressions about what I read in a special notebook. And I drew illustrations there too. Lol, I was a complete nerd XDD But I miss those days sometimes...

I think it was Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Do you still have the notebook? That was an awesome habit.

I've never stopped reading but I've read a lot more since I got my Kindle -- so much more convenient!

Never heard of it, but if it's so interesting, I have to investigate XD

I left it back home when I moved, but I suppose it's somewhere at my mother's place still. It was kind of fun, I remember I had like 5 page essays about some particularly though-provoking books XD

That's really great! I don't remember when I last read a proper book :( Maybe I should get me an e-book reader too...

This is a surprisingly sweet post; I say surprising mainly because I was expecting it to end up with a Kindle getting cooked in bacon grease.

I'm pretty surprised I didn't grate my knuckles into the cheese!

I recommend a Ziploc bag! Provided you're not using a Kindle Fire (and maybe even then; I don't know), you can read and operate the controls through it, and the bag protects it from damage. Once I discovered this trick, I started taking long baths again. :) I don't expect the bag to be 100% watertight, but it'll protect it for the split second between me dropping it and throwing it out of the water with a high-pitched shriek.

Apparently there's some other water-tight protective cover out there that a friend told me about, but I forgot everything about it. Also, if you have a Kindle Fire, ThinkGeek has iPad chef sleeves you can use the touch screen through and I bet they work for the Fire just like they do for the iPad.

I've seen some waterproof Kindle covers that also had a strap to hang around your neck! Great for reading in a speedboat, or some such. :D

I'll remember the Ziploc for next time!

oh!! I read that last summer! It was kind of disturbing but in a really good way, I enjoyed it. Then I started something else by him that I didn't enjoy nearly as much.

I am still pretty freaked out by it! But it was a great read.

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