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LIfe is fine, except for seasonal allergies still kicking my ass. It is raining, though, so I'm taking a chance and opening the windows to get the temp down and the air changed. I still fantasize about getting a chainsaw and a mask and cutting down every cherry tree in the city as a Pollen Vigilante but since I'm too lazy even to take the recycling out, I will just have to take more Claritin instead.

I'm trying to catch up with the Prince of Tennis manga read on [community profile] princeoftennis but I've still got a volume and a bit to go. I pulled out my Viz copies since that was easier than figuring out which drive the scanlations are on. Kamio just said he was feeling the rhythm like Fred Astaire.

Trying some of the spring anime on Crunchyroll and I am completely in love with both Space Brothers and Polar Bear's Cafe. I also enjoyed the first ep of Kuroko's Basketball but need a bit more time to decide my in-love status there. Tried OZMA but it did not grab me. I was happy to see Kimi to Boku back but the first ep was pretty boring, so we'll see. And looking forward to the first ep of Kids on the Slope. Continuing with Area no Kishi as well, which is getting very interesting! Besides Araki/Oda, I"m also shipping the two coaches. ♥

When people talk about a fic being "50k" do they mean 50 000 words or 50 kilobytes?

I've been experimenting with doing little stick-person sketches of scenes before I write them and it's really been helping me get into the mood! I'm using that Paper app on my iPad, which helps them look kind of cute instead of just messy. :) I will perhaps post some of them at some point.

I love cheese. And you. xoxoxox

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