Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Slightly more than a GIP

I answered some comments yesterday but it's doubtful that the notification messages went through, judging by the errors I got.

Interesting article in Wired yesterday about MIT putting course materials on line for public access: MIT OpenCourseWare. This looks like an amazingly valuable resource.

And, finally, I am SoSick of SoBig. I can't get infected, since I'm on a Mac, but I bet I've gotten more than 500 virus messages so far. This is the problem with fandom -- my address is probably in a zillion address books, even if the person only wrote me once two years ago to send feedback. But I've installed the Eudora 6 beta, which has Bayesian spam filtering, so at least the virus messages get tucked away in their own folder.

And extra-finally, everyone must read kormantic's drabbles, especially the Hermione/George one. *sigh* It's my new OTP.

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