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You can call me Hal.

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Friday night
holding hands
Even though I have a perfectly nice D&D game to go to, I wish I could spend the evening alone, drinking wine and listening to Radiohead.


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D&D is fun. We play a bi-weekly game of Pathfinders. Of course we mostly just talk.

Perhaps you could bring the wine along. (Just no drinking and driving) :)

We're actually using Pathfinder too; I just say D&D since more people know what it is.

Good idea! Hmm, and maybe some cheese...

Heh...my game isn't until tomorrow. It's the one that isn't Pathfinder (as opposed to the two that are ;-)

*hugs you*

Three games! I'm in two, but they are usually each twice a month and not on the same weeks. They are both Pathfinder but it's just easier to say D&D than to explain the difference. Are you doing some of the adventure paths? I'm in Kingmaker and Council of Thieves right now.

I feel you may appreciate this icon. :D


I'm in Rise of the Runelords (on hiatus), Council of Thieves and Second Darkness. Plus the third game which is a homebrewed campaign.

In Rise of the Runelords we are almost done, but our DM was getting burnt out. Prior to that we had amassed a townhouse, a fort (including titles and the nearby village and ferry), a mansion and sole access to three libraries. At the fort we restarted the rangers, started a widows and orphan fund for the survivors of the old troop, found two people to train our new rangers, brought in dwarves to fix the place up, have a thriving cottage industry of weavers, our own dwarven forge that works the pig iron from the mines up the mountains (we made a deal with the ogres up there) into MW armor and weapons, started our own Wizard school with a spellbook that, if we had sold it would have given us FAR too much money, so we improvised...so we anticipate that in a few years our rangers will have magical armor and weapons to help us keep our fort and surrounding lands safe, plus we allow scholars and wizards to rent access to our three libraries.

Yes, we are taking over the world :-) Yes, until recently we were all female players. We are having far too much fun taking over. Negotiation and smart planning FTW :-)

My games...one is every other Thursday (if everyone is free) and the other two alternate free Saturdays, which means once or twice a month. *grin*

OOooooo, I love that Icon! I'm not sure I agree his WIS is that low...I think he has an *insane* Bluff check, personally ;-)

*hugs you back*

Can you shine the D&D game?

The game was extra fun, so I didn't mourn my loss of a night in after all. :)

Oh, so good when it works out that way.

Ahhhh, Friday nights used to be our D&D nights too. I remember feeling like breaking away every once in a while. Hope you still enjoy yourself! <3

It was a great session, so I didn't miss the wine and Radiohead too badly. :)

I know that feeling ^^ It's difficult when people don't understand that I need a lot of time alone (Sewing, etc.)

Yeah, for sure! My partner is a huge extrovert, but he understands me now, so he goes out to party while I stay in and relax. :)

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