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Things that are bacon and things that are not bacon

barkley posted about her Favourite Arrow Shooting Superhero and it made me wonder who my Favourite Arrow Shooting Superhero was. There are so many to choose from, but the one who bubbled to the top of the list was Pete Hornberger. Who is yours?

Pete Hornberger shooting an arrow

My wireless keeps kicking out (even though the ethernet doesn't) so I have to keep bouncing the router. I want to kick it as well, but then it might not give me wireless at all and I'd have to string even more cables cry.

I spent a lovely weekend in San Francisco visiting [personal profile] laurashapiro and her partner. We ate many tasty things, basked in the sun, and went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (which was AMAZING) at the de Young museum. I was also forced to watch The Room, but avec Rifftrax, so I didn't have to flip any tables. :D

I am still not reconciled to the Shin Tenipuri anime being over. I need tennis boys in my life right now. Either I will watch the original anime or pick back up with the Chinese drama. But when are they going to give us a Japanese drama? Surely we deserve it!

There will be bacon tonight!

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