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Tenipuri exchange fic

The story I wrote for funpotexchange is up! Read it on the comm or wait a couple weeks and I'll repost it here. So fun to get back to some MomoKai again!

Things That Go Bump, Prince of Tennis, Momo/Kaidoh, 7400 words, PG.
Ghosts, shaved ice, and cat videos. But mostly ghosts.

And so is the story I received: Dunk Tennis by perkyandproud. Inui/Fuji. A sweet slice of life about the school festival. Thanks, Perky!

I still have several works to read/view and I think there are still some more to be posted, but these are a couple of stand-outs from what I've seen so far:

FIC: The Lovesong of Echizen Ryoma by whisper132, Ryoma/Kaidoh,. One day, the Snake Shot starts to look sexy and Echizen thinks he might be losing his mind. This is a boyish, up-and-down real-feeling story about a pairing that gets way too little attention.

ART: Sanada and Sakuno by alkanet. Completely adorable, entirely worksafe, beautifully coloured. ♥

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