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You can call me Hal.

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Update: I am fine. :)

Year-end fandom meme:

Your main fandom of the year?

Prince of Tennis, though the second half of the year didn’t see any activity from me. And Doctor Who with my sweetie. This year we completed our watch of All The Who. (Well, all the complete extant Who. Until there’s more.)

Your favorite film you watched this year?

Iron Man with RiffTrax. I hardly seem to get to the theatre any more.

Your favorite book read this year?

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. And quite likely The Cowboy and the Cossack by Clair Huffaker but I haven’t finished it yet.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

I’ve probably already hit my Recommended Life Allowance on looping Madonna’s Hung Up, but I’m not done yet.

Your favorite tv show of the year?

Dexter. As always.

Your favorite DW/LJ community of the year?

Sadly, none.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

I was hoping it would be The Cowboy and the Cossack but I didn’t even find any fic in the Yuletide archive.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

My own lack of interest. I miss my interest. Also, that the new PoT anime was only 13 episodes. (Or was it 12?)

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?

The Sixth Doctor. <3 <3 <3 Or maybe Sanada.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?

The Rani OMG.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Watching the first new Prince of Tennis episode. I thought I’d throw up, I was so excited.

The most missed of your old fandoms?

Harry Potter. Such epic scope for fic and meta.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

That new sci-fi show that’s got the fun, the heart, the tone, and the lovely characters of Stargate SG-1 or early Andromeda. Oh, wait, there isn’t one? :(

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

Arrested fucking Development

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Hi :) hope your non fandom life is going well!

I don't think any part of my life is truly non-fandom, but the offline bits are pretty awesome. :)

Congratulations on the new baby!


I was going to link to a site that ticked off the seconds we have to wait while The Final Countdown played in the background but THERE WASN'T ONE. WHY!?!

Nice to see you are doing fine.
Lost of interest is not incurable, but possibly chronic once it settles. It's hard to find mind-losingly exciting new things these days.

A combo of shifting focus and getting older, I think. I have lots to keep me busy and happy but I miss the feelings of online squee. I still have love in my heart for PoT and all my other fandoms, just not as much energy as before.

Glad to see you're still around and into cool stuff! The IT Crowd is one of those shows I can rewatch almost indefinitely.

Me too, me too.

The IT Crowd was one of the best discoveries of last year! It is lovable to the extreme.

Btw, happy, happy birthday! : D

Sanada should be everyone's boyfriend. Or at least our camp boyfriends... Damn that Echizen for stealing all the camp boyfriendos!

I desperately hope they come out with some new Shin Prince of Tennis episodes. :( The animation was so good!

I can't tell you how many times I went back and re-read so much of your PoT fic. Your InuKai and Data Pair is truly the best. And your MomoKai makes me giggle so much. All the name-calling... <3

Viva Prince of Tennis!

Sanada is the perfect boyfriend! But I think Echizen has his hands full with Tokugawa so we can make our move. :D

Another season would be ace. I miss the crack!

Thanks so much for letting me know that! I'm not ready to say I'm done with fic-writing yet. And I love those boys so much.

It will never die!

Yay!! Hi! Glad to see you are still alive and kicking :-)

*hugs you*

It sucks to lose interest in fandom, I used to be more invested in fandoms too, writing fics and whatnot... Life used to be so much more exciting then. But at least I still watch anime XD

Happy New Year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Over one year later, I hope you are still fine. Have a very happy birthday!

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