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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Sent off my tenipuri_xpair  fic last night, so I can start on Haikyuu season 2 this weekend!

It's been a long time since I wrote any fiction (and it probably shows) and I hadn't realised how much I missed being in that creative space. The best part is walking in the park, planning things out, and having to keep stop to jot notes or email myself.

The worst part is always getting down the first draft. I have a very hard time not editing as I write. This time I tried a technique I call "headless drafting" which worked pretty well.

I wrote most of the draft in 15 minute increments on my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. While I was actually writing, I took off my glasses so I couldn't see the text. (Another time, I'll try turning the iPad around completely.) No way to edit!

I did end up with this sentence: "Sgiw sines juke sub her a tit,:" which I'm sure was brilliant in my mind, but, alas! lost to posterity; otherwise, it was great. Pro tip: turn off auto-correct first.

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That's a good piece of advice. I am currently having problems with the sequel to my Hufflepuff fic because I keep editing and re-editing the first paragraphs, juggling them around like acrobatic balls, never happy with the result. I have been telling myself I should just write ahead and forget to check it back until the end...

Looking forward to reading your submission, as always! :D

I know what you mean! It's so hard to leave something if you feel like it doesn't sound right. But I often find that during the drafting process, I find a recurring motif or metaphor that I can go back and work into the beginning and make it better.

Good luck with the writing!

Yay! Yay Hal writing! haha.

Oh man, I'm psyched for you to watch season 2 of Haikyuu. I love Bokuto just a ridiculous amount. And Tsukki! Tsukishima didn't become one of my favorites until partway into season 2.

I finished Kyouryuuger in the meantime and oh man, I loved it so much. Daigo can be my leader any time. And it had the most RIDICULOUS movie, it was amazing.

I started S2 this morning! They are still so ridiculously cute. Will post about it eventually. Thanks again for telling me about it!

I love it when the toku movies are just off the hook crazy. (Remember God Speed Love?) They must save up all the ideas that are too nuts for the show in a big jar and then dump them all out on the table and laugh gleefully.



I want her to hook up with Tsukki's older brother (this is completely plausible since they went to school at the same time) juuuuuust to make Tsukki's life incredibly hard and embarrassing.

So, up to ep 20 of S2 and I'm loving it all so hard. You were so right about Tsukishima. His backstory was really what tipped me over. <3 <3 <3

I am currently shipping Tsukki with pretty much everyone. EVERYONE.

Manga-wise, do you have any connections to bundled scanlations to dl? I find reading in the browser so painful (small laptop screen) when it's more than a chapter a week. I don't know where to ahem this stuff any more!

Yeah, he's good with kind of like anybody, although post-training camp I became like 80% Kuro/Tsukki, which is what I'm writing at the moment, but i would probably read him/anyone well written (I even read some kind of convincing 3rd year Tsukki/Hinata at one point). I just love him a lot. I watched 23-24 yesterday and Yamaguchi's character arc up to 23 really made me love him a lot too.

plus Suga. Sugaaaaaaaaaa. I need more than one icon here, plainly.

Hm, I googled around a little, but you're right, i can't find a good spot for batch manga downloads either. i've been reading week-to-week since the low 100's so I'm not sure where one does that. Sorry i'm not more help!

I'm caught up with the anime now! And once I got out of my Gen X mindset, I realized there were probably better ways to read the manga than torrenting & side-loading, so I now have a great manga app on my iPad that connects directly to the sites and it's all fantastic except that I'm re-reading H2 instead of Haikyuu.

Kuro/Tsukki sounds divine. <3 Tsukishima/anybody, would be lovely, really. I must start reading some fic soon.

New Tenipuri fic from you AND you're watching HQ! I'm so happy!! :)

I am looking forward to reading your fics again!

That's a great idea for getting drafts out faster and more naturally. Might reduce eye strain too, if you close your eyes! I think I will try it. Maybe I'll get my students to try it too. I'll bring in eye masks or something.

The eyestrain was a big motivator too. I did close my eyes a bunch and it helped a lot! I thought about trying dictation, but even if I'm alone, I would probably feel self conscious doing that.

I've thought about dictation too to reduce hand and wrist strain, but aside from the embarrassmentfactor, I don't think the technology is quite there yet. And I can't speak coherently enough, I think, to make it worth it XD

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