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You can call me Hal.

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A list of mostly anime/manga things
1. The tenipuri_xpair story written for me was posted! Gravitational Attraction, Sanada/Atobe, R/NC-17. It's extremely lovely future-fic, university age, with that touch of wistfulness you get when you have to let go of the golden boyhood and figure out life as an adult. Also, it's hot. Go read and give the author some well-deserved love.

2. Finished the Haikyuu anime, except that Crunchyroll says the next ep is up in an hour, so I guess there's one more in this season. I love it a lot but haven't yet figured out if I fic-love it or not. I'm reading the manga now, so we'll see what comes of that. :) Will try to write up more of a review later on.

3. Also re-reading the H2 manga. Dear god, I forgot how lovely it is. It's one of Mitsuru Adachi's high school baseball series, probably my favourite. He's such a great storyteller, so funny but not over the top, and explores the relationships with a light hand that works so well. Baseball and love triangles -- what could be better?

4. Kind of ridiculously excited for the no-doubt ridiculous Cheer Danshi!!. Looks like both a manga and anime adaptation of a novel about a cheerleading squad at a men's university. There's a trailer video on the article. Go Breakers!

5. Looking for a coffee robot so I don't have to stumble around in the morning making my own.

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I'm totally about to watch the last episode and I've already been warned I'm gonna cry like I did at the end of season 1 (although idk because i mainlined season 1 so I didn't watch the last one in isolation).

I did end up writing for it a little, I did a suga/asahi a while ago and I'm trying to finish up the Kuro/Tsukki right now, but I'm not dying to write about it all the time? But reading tons of fic on Ao3 did help some. Most of it's not great, but there's SO MUCH of it. that's nice. Also while nobody else seems to ship Suga/Asahi with me (whyyyyyy) most of my main pairings are popular for once, esp Kuro/Tsuki and Bokuto/Akaashi. And I'm flexible with the others to read most of them. The only popular one that skeeves me out is Oikawa/Kageyama bc jr high age gap nope.

I'm just a little psyched for Cheer Danshi too XD

I haven't read any fic yet but now that I'm caught up with the anime at least, now's probably the time. I'll check out your Suga/Asahi! They seem like they'd be darling together. :)

I'm boringly shipping Tsukishima/Yamaguchi. And every time Sawamura and Michimiya are on screen together, I'm yelling "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" at the screen so I guess I'm shipping them too.

After I posted this entry, I watched the ep and now there's one fic I want to write, anyhow. (Maybe two...) :D

Yes!!! I absolutely am behind the Daichi/Michimiya! Their flashbacks to jr high were really cute, and since she showed up at the end again, it was really cute.

I'm kind of okay with yamaguchi/tsuki, esp since yamaguchi got such a nice character arc in season 2 so by the end I was really proud of him. But I just like Kuroo hassling Tsuki way too much lol.

ohoho feel free to tell me about whatever you're thinking about writing. I'm 6k into Kuroo mailing Tsuki packages.

I'm totally behind Tsukki being hassled / romanced / tripped & pounced upon by as many people as possible (though perhaps just one at a time). ♥

I am seriously considering a tiny bit of "walk you to the bus stop" Shimizu/Yachi because they are just the best. But I also can't stop thinking about that Oikawa - Ushijima scene. Ushijima is such a robot that I want to see Oikawa get some sort of real emotional reaction from him.

What's in the packages? Snacks? Porn? Itching powder? A handful of sea shells from that time they walked on the beach in the sunset?

at first it's weird shit like phone straps and kitkats and whatever so it takes tsuki like three of them to understand he's being courted by mail and then they have an awkward meetup at the next practice match and sugawara catches them in the closet and is like "are you stupid? do you want the Captain to find you in here and have an aneurysm??"

Also to me it's completely canon that this is fall 2013 so that they can be skype-watching Kyouryuuger together. DINOSAURS.

You don't have coffee on a timer? It was all the rage back in the 80s! :)

Yay for stories! I haven't seen mine yet, Darn it.

Have you seen Assassination Classroom? That and Dance with Devils are the most recent anime/manga I've experienced :)

*hugs you*

I need the robot b/c someone has to fuss with the grinding the beans at the last minute and waiting for the bloom and all the other pour-over fussiness. But it's so hard to do when you're half asleep! :D

I haven't see Assassination Classroom, but I'll look it up! I did give Dance with Devils a try, but it wasn't my thing.

Belated happy birthday to you! *hugs*

Ah! You need a butler! ...me too!

Assassination Classroom was very engaging! I saw the live action movie, then the anime, then read the manga. Loved them all :)

Dances with Devils was because a friend likes it and wanted to share it with me. It...had it's moments, though the plot was rather predictable, right up to the very end when it had a slight twist, but everything happened so fast I didn't feel I got to know the characters any. The songs were good, but...really? You're going to sing now? Okay....LOL

Missed chatting with you!!

*hugs you*

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