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ears and teeth
So, that sonic tool that they clean your teeth with: are you not supposed to be able to hear that?

It hurts my ears a lot (not my teeth, though) so after today's cleaning, I googled "sonic dental cleaning" and all the results were for "ultrasonic". But I can clearly hear a high pitched screech. I always thought we were just supposed to put up with it.

Is it the same for you? Or am I part bat?

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I also hear the screech, but kind of through my teeth and skull? Either way it's very much annoying.

Yeah, I think I get it both through the skull and through the air. Good thing it's only twice a year!

You mean Sonicare? I hear a high-pitched whiney noise too, for sure. It doesn't bug me that much, but it's definitely audible.

I have a Sonicare at home and it's noisy but fine. The thing the dental hygienist uses STABS MY BRAINS.

It sounds like you can hear a pitch that most people can't. My other half has the same issue.

Yeah, I thought that was supposed to diminish with age, but no luck so far!

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