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You can call me Hal.

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mk together
So, I'm poking at some tenipuri fic ideas and I find my memory of what people call each other is a bit hazy in some cases. Also, some cases where I don't think there's a canon instance to reference. Anyone remember or have an opinion?

What does Momoshiro call Ryuuzaki-sensei when he talks to her? When he talks about her?

What do you think Kaidoh would call Tomoka? Just Osakada? (Not pairing them up, at least not at the moment...) I don't always have a good sense of what he would call people, especially girls, since I don't think we ever see him talking to any.

I was very, very charmed by Toudou calling Hiromi "Oka-kun" in the Ace wo Nerae drama but don't quite dare to use that in tenipuri fic.

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I actually think Momo would just call her Coach either way, right? I think all of them just yell kantoku, don't they? I mean they all call Tezuka buchou, so that's what I'd guess.

I think Kaidoh would use Tomoka's family name, yeah, he's a pretty formal guy. Others might call her Tomoka-chan, though, like the yearmates totally would and even Momo might. But I can't see Kaidoh doing that.

I was thinking he called her "baasan" or "baachan" at some point, but not sure that was to her face. Do they ever all her kantoku? Probably Ryuuzaki-sensei would work, in any case. I probably worry about these details too much.

I'm pretty sure we've heard Horio call her Osakada; he uses family names with everyone. Not sure about the other two, though! I may have to go back and watch the mountain training camp episodes again. Darn. :)

If my memory serves me well (hopefully), Momo calls her "Ryuuzaki-sensei" - I don't believe anyone on Seigaku calls her Kantoku. I do seem to recall him calling her "'Baa-chan" at some point, but it wouldn't have been to her face. Hyoutei calls Sakaki "Kantoku," and I also think Shiten goes between either "Osamu-chan" or "Kantoku."

I don't know if Kaidou in canon ever references Tomoka, but I would say just "Osakada" would make the most sense given his personality, how he speaks to others, etc. I can't imagine him using an honorific with her.

I'm with you on the wanting to get it right, though. I'm the same way. I should probably know this about Momo off the top of my head since I RP him, but... it's been so long, and it's a two person RP with my wife anyway, haha.

Yeah, just Ryuuzaki-sensei seems safest. It's really interesting to compare which terms the other schools use, too.

I'm thinking just plain "Osakada" (which I always, always want to make "Okasada"), too, if it happens to come up.

It's been so long since I wrote them regularly, so I know what you mean. I had more of these facts in my head then. :)

Thanks for weighing in!

So! We actually just began rewatching Tenipuri, and I took a couple of notes for you. Momo calls Ryuuzaki "Baa-san" (both about her and to her face), Inoue calls her "Ryuuzaki-coach," Ryoma calls her "Obaa-san" (not to her face - at least haven't heard it yet), and Tezuka and Oishi both call her Ryuuzaki-sensei. Just thought I would throw it out there. :)

I would say that's a good bet~

Fun fact that Eiji in at least the first 14 episodes (we're on the one where Momo and Ryoma play doubles against Gyoukurin) hasn't said a single "nya."

Of course!

Ooh, thank you! You are best! I really did think I'd heard Momo use "baa-san" or "baa-chan" directly to Ryuuzaki, but couldn't remember where.

Yeah, Eiji changed a lot over time. His VA used a much deeper voice for him in the beginning too -- it always surprises me when I go back. I've been re-watching too, but stalled out a bit after Tezuka vs Atobe.

Momo and Ryoma are so darling and stupid with their doubles. <3 I've been re-watching the Chinese PoT drama and their code word there is "hamburger" (hanbao). OMG, I cannot even deal with the dorkitude.

You're welcome! I'm gonna continue to make notes while we watch so that I have a little collection of names, and then if you need any more, I'll have them. :)

Yeah... I have a feeling that Takahashi Hiroki was told that Eiji needed to be more cutesy, and that's why it seems like he suddenly went backwards through puberty, haha. I've been really wanting to rewatch matches like the D1 vs. Golden Pair, but I'm trying to be good and not skip around. The Tezuka vs. Atobe match is so good, but so hard to watch, too. Tezuka. :/

Omg, hahah. I've never watched the Chinese drama - is it worth it?

I love, love, love the Chinese drama so much. The characterization can be significantly different, which bothered some people, but I found the different interpretation very interesting. And the boys (in college, so less skeevy *g*) very hot.

I'll have to check it out one of these days, then - always need more tennis in my life. ♥

Definitely "Sensei" to her and "Baachan" when talking about her :)

Kaidô can totally call Tomoka either "Osakada", "Osakada-san" or "Osakada-kun", the three are actually pretty formal/normal.

Thanks! I think I'll save "Osakada-kun" for ship fic, if that ever happens. Oh, Momo. <3

Yeah I was pretty sure Momo called her some form of "old lady" or "grandma," but I couldn't remember the specific word. Glad someone was able to answer that for you! I'm super-picky about that kind of thing when I write, too.

I kind of can't imagine Kaidoh using any sort of honorific with someone younger than him. Or using "-kun" at all, actually, haha. Buuut it's been quite a while since I watched the show, so. (Maybe I'll finally get around to that rewatch this year...)

MORE IMPORTANTLY, does this mean one of these ideas you're poking at is MomoKai????

Momo can always get away with that stuff! I pretty much agree about Kaidoh. Though maybe if he had a crush on a girl he'd get more formal, even if she's a year younger. Not that I'm writing that!

Yes to the MomoKai! It won't leave me alone. Especially since stupid Inui is off with Yanagi in the manga right now. (Not that I mind some Data Pair either!) Still working on outlining, though, so it will be a while.

Definitely try a rewatch! It's still so much fun. :)

hey, was it you who was trying to get me to sign up for SASO? I'm signed up for the Kuroo/Tsukki team, but it's just me and amy so far if you're into that.

That wasn't me, but I've been kind of pondering SASO anyhow, so this must be a sign! I shall sign up for Kuroo/Tsukki. (Slam Dunk wasn't even nominated wtf.)

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