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You can call me Hal.

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My Thoughts on Haikyuu!!
Have watched both seasons of the anime, am currently on chapter 22 of the manga.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Tsukishima. TSUKISHIMA. He is everything. I love his flat aspect in the anime and his cutting smiles in the manga. (His characterization does seem to differ a bit between them.) I love that he's not as 100% burning youth as the rest of them, even after he resolves his brother issues. I love that he's always a little in the background, even when he's looming over everyone.

And I love the way Yamaguchi looks at him in the second ED. <3

Shipping him with Yamaguchi, yes, very much. But also with Sawamura a tiny bit. And Kuroo a lot. (If that's the right guy -- I haven't got all the other schools sorted yet.) And maybe, just maybe, with Yachi.

Except that Shimizu/Yachi is just better.

KageHina seems like a really fun ship, though currently not tugging on my heart strings. We'll see how it turns out. :)

I'm also shipping Ukai-kun/Take-chan. Because Takeda's persistance is just so creepy. I mean, sweet. Definitely sweet.

And I'm shipping Saeko-neesan with me. All me. SHE WAS DRIFTING OMG. Okay, "you can't hande some boobs in your face" might have given me some other shipping ideas, but maybe it's best not to jump straight into the incest. Maybe.

The other schools are really cool too, but I need to review to work out who is who some more. But I will say that Oikawa and Ushijima's recent encounter in the anime was rather ... thrilling.

I feel like this could be a fun fic and flailing fandom (sorry for the alliteration), if there's somewhere to do the flailing. If I flail here, are there enough other fans to flail with? Do I need to get up on Tumblr?

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tumblr definitely has a lot of flailing for sure!

Tsukishima is a DELIGHT! and Kuroo is the cat guy, so probably!

SAEKO IS WONDERFUL! TANAKA IS ALSO WONDERFUL! Best faces in the anime: Tanaka and Oikawa.

I love Oikawa's "worthless pride".

There is not enough Ukai/Take-chan in the world and that is very sad.

Tanaka is v. wonderful. And v. squishable. <3 <3 <3

Oikawa! He turned out to be so much more than I expected.

I'm a little concerned that every time I think about a Ukai/Takeda scenario, it's dubcon.

re: Ukai/Takeda: Hee! I went to the D/s place myself but yes. Takeda clearly hasn't met a no he's ready to accept ever, and Ukai is very terrible at actually following through on his nos... I wish I had more background on them, especially Takeda since we do get Ukai things (tiny!Ukai entertains me a lot). Is there more in the manga?

I haven't got very far in the manga, so I'm not sure. I feel like the anime must follow it pretty closely, though, based on what I've read so far.

D/s would be interesting too -- I wonder if Take-chan enjoys topping from the bottom...

Oh, Takeda! So long as it's not revealed that he's actually engaged or similar, I can enjoy my dodgy shipping.

WITH KUROO SO MUCH. seriously i'm almost done with this fic i've been writing for six hundred years.

I like everything you say here yesssssssssss. And I have no idea where people flail anymore because i feel like i'm talking into an echoey cave everywhere but WHATEVER.

Ukai/Take lol yes, it's a lot like that.

Finish it! Finish it! This is the one with the care packages, right? <3

If you flail on LJ, I will flail back. :) I feel like I will have to give in to tumblr at some point, but that point is not today.

What other venues are there, even? I can barely deal with my non-fannish Twitter (and half my content there seems to be about Harry Potter anyhow). It seems like most social media is about pictures and I would rather have words.

Ukai, Tekeda, inter-school training, drinking too much...this may happen.

Yeah that's the thing, there really ISNT a good venue anymore. Fandom backed itself into a corner where you can't actually have a conversation with anybody anymore on anything. This conversation I'm having with you here is the most sustained fannish conversation I've had with anybody about Haikyuu since I started watching it, except for Amy visiting this week and we've mostly been talking about JE and Check Please (wait have you done the Check Please because it's about hockey and boys kiss and yes).

I did tumblr for a while but it was making me into a dumb clicker who never got anything done, because it makes you FEEL like you're creating something, but you aren't, you're just looking at pictures and reblogging. I talk to people sort of basically on twitter at this point to the extent that's possible.

I support your dubious coach/advisor fic. And yes, it is the package fic. I feel like i've been writing it for six thousand years (it's been a month). There's some really awesome Tsukki/Kuroo doujin, if you're interested. The group I like best is Cinnamon, but there's a pretty fair amount of other stuff on this one website. here is one of my favorites there, but if you use the tags up top you can see a bunch of other ones.

Have not done the Check Please but will put on the list to check out. And I will def check out the dj!

Yeah, I hope I can drum up at least a little more interest on LJ/DW, since while I do love Haikyuu!!, it's not the deep love that will make me want to keep up and create fanworks in a vacuum (unlike, say, Slam Dunk). I don't need much. :)

I will try to catch up with the manga soon and we can flail over that. :) And we'll flail away or seriously discuss anything else about it too. Like how Saeko-neesan should maybe deflower Asahi one of these days.

I signed up for Not Prime Time and did offer and request Haikyuu! (also Oofuri and Slam Dunk). IDK if you're interested in that at all, but here's the FAQ and

Oh god, Saeko would kill Asahi. he would actually drop dead. I kind of vaguely want some Saeko/Akiteru since they went to school basically the same time, so that's plausible, and also it would make Tsuki's life so incredibly hard to have not one but two Tanakas in his immediate life space.

Oh man the match right before the one that the manga is currently on was killing meeeeee. I was so convinced I knew who going to lose that when i got to the end and they actually one I got like irrationally mad about it. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!!!" even though it was the outcome that I actually wanted lol.

Asahi would die in panicked bliss and it would be so glorious. :)

That's great to hear about the manga. I remember how worked up some of the games in ES21 would make me I'll try to catch up soon.

I'm so glad you like it, I thought you would :) It reminds me a lot of Oofuri!!

I'll fight you for Saeko.

Most of the fandom action is going on on Tumblr and Twitter from what I've seen, yeah. Sadly I pretty much only come over here when people I have pinned (like you!) update.

I'm enjoying it a lot! It does have a bit of an Oofuri vibe; all the boys are so darling. <3

Come at me, then. Those boobs are for my face alone.

Too many streams! We'll see if end up in either place. :) It's great to see you around!

Yeah, I love the general tone a lot :)

Well, yours and Yachi's, anyway.

Let us know if you do! And you too :)

Ahh I'm excited that you've gotten into Haikyuu! I just recently watched all of the anime and really enjoyed it, and I love reading your thoughts on things even when we don't ship the same stuff.

Or even like the same characters, because I'm not super-fond of Tsukishima, haha. If his characterization is different in the manga, maybe I would like him there, though.

KageHina is my favorite ship currently, though to me it's more like Kageyama is just hopelessly into Hinata, whether he realizes it or not. A lot of the potential ships in the show seem kind of one-sided to me, so far. But not in, like, heart-breaking ways so it's still fun.

I am totally with you on the Ukai/Take though. I had to look up their names because I couldn't remember who they were, but yes. Totally shipped them from the beginning, haha. Although again, it's still pretty one-sided.

My favorite character may or may not be Tanaka, just because he's such a ridiculous dork. I love both Hinata and Kageyama (probably especially Kageyama because he's trying so hard to be better, for his team and for Hinata), and most of the rest of Karasuno. The only rival schools I've really liked have been two of the ones they did practice matches against (I think the other school wasn't really featured much? so I don't actually remember them).

Just from what little of the fandom I've seen on tumblr, it seems like Oikawa is super-popular, which of course figures because I don't really like him at all, haha.

As for where to flail, I know there are fans on tumblr, but I haven't gone looking for them. I follow fencer-x on tumblr, and she's into Haikyuu (there are musicals now!), so I see things from her from time to time, but I don't know what else is out there. Like someone else said, though, it's kind of hard to talk to people on tumblr? I mean, lots of people manage it, but it's not very straightforward, I think. Lots of authors who post fic on AO3 have tumblrs, though, so you could maybe find where people flail that way?

Also I am seconding the recommendation for Check, Please! It's a webcomic on tumblr and is fun and cute. First comic is here: http://omgcheckplease.tumblr.com/post/57705111693

Tsukishima is not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure. :) In the manga, he seems even meaner to me, at first, but we'll see how he progresses.

One-sided KageHina seems very plausible! Hinata doesn't seem to realise that anything but volleyball even exists. And I do love pining.

Tanaka is really darling. :) I love everyone in Karasuno, really. <3 I need one more time through to really get the character of the rival schools.

Oikawa is def the kind of Draco - Atobe character that people idealize. But I do think there's something interesting there. And, god, with Ushijima? Electric.

I'm so glad to hear you're into Haikyuu!! I will probably try to get along without tumblr for now (I've had one for years, but haven't used it since, hmm, 2009?) but might have to get back there eventually. It seems like it could be a really fun fandom. :)

I really enjoyed Haikyuu!! when Anime Network On Demand aired season one a while ago--I never would've thought I could find volleyball so dramatic and riveting--but that was long enough ago that I don't remember all the names and relationships of the seemingly hundreds of characters!

Yeah, I can't see KageHina really working out until Hinata discovers there's more to life than volleyball, though trying to get Hinata there might be fun, especially with Kageyama being Kageyama.

There are a ton of characters! I keep having to check the wiki to keep them straight for now. I hope you get a chance to see S2 -- it was great.

Hinata is pretty laser focused on the volleyball and Kageyama is not much less, but those adolescent hormones have to kick in sometime. :) They seem like it would be a lot of fun to write their mishaps and fumblings.

So very glad to read that you like Haikyū!! It's definitely my favourite fandom of the moment, every character is just too cute. Tsukishima is also my fav (glasses, hey) and totally agree about shipping him with Daichi but no one sees that except for me (well, in the end I ship him more with Kuroo because the snark is too high to let it pass between these two).
Like mousapelli said, there's not a single nice place to fangirl online nowadays... so I just fangirl IRL -glad to have lots of IRL fangirls around-, procrastinate on tumblr and post fics on AO3, mourning LJ's death....

They really are cute. I'm so glad you're in the fandom!

Tsukishima should be shipped with as many people as possible, imo. He is a snarky delight.

I may get on Tumblr eventually but for now I'll just keep posting here; seems like still enough people are around to make it worthwhile. :)

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