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My Thoughts on Haikyuu!!

Have watched both seasons of the anime, am currently on chapter 22 of the manga.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Tsukishima. TSUKISHIMA. He is everything. I love his flat aspect in the anime and his cutting smiles in the manga. (His characterization does seem to differ a bit between them.) I love that he's not as 100% burning youth as the rest of them, even after he resolves his brother issues. I love that he's always a little in the background, even when he's looming over everyone.

And I love the way Yamaguchi looks at him in the second ED. <3

Shipping him with Yamaguchi, yes, very much. But also with Sawamura a tiny bit. And Kuroo a lot. (If that's the right guy -- I haven't got all the other schools sorted yet.) And maybe, just maybe, with Yachi.

Except that Shimizu/Yachi is just better.

KageHina seems like a really fun ship, though currently not tugging on my heart strings. We'll see how it turns out. :)

I'm also shipping Ukai-kun/Take-chan. Because Takeda's persistance is just so creepy. I mean, sweet. Definitely sweet.

And I'm shipping Saeko-neesan with me. All me. SHE WAS DRIFTING OMG. Okay, "you can't hande some boobs in your face" might have given me some other shipping ideas, but maybe it's best not to jump straight into the incest. Maybe.

The other schools are really cool too, but I need to review to work out who is who some more. But I will say that Oikawa and Ushijima's recent encounter in the anime was rather ... thrilling.

I feel like this could be a fun fic and flailing fandom (sorry for the alliteration), if there's somewhere to do the flailing. If I flail here, are there enough other fans to flail with? Do I need to get up on Tumblr?

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