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You can call me Hal.

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tezuka/oishi school
Fandom: Wallows in glut of reading/writing/prompting high school sportsball scenarios, listening to Sprit of this Place over and over, in a turgid haze of golden boyhood precious high school days sentimentality.

Real Life: Regrets friending back all those former high school classmates on Facebook, in preparation for a reunion I will definitely not attend, while writing a country song called Too Much Jesus In My Timeline.

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Quite a contrast! What is it about other (fictional) people's nostalgic childhood innocence that's so attractive? Maybe it's because we know childhood isn't really like that, and we wish it were?

Very likely! It's idealized and wish fulfillment. And enjoyable. :)

It's (horribly) fascinating how much more prominence religion has all over the American continent. We Spaniards don't give much of a damn, in reality, but many Americans from North to South seem to have Jesus and God and the Bible in their mouths all the time. I am mostly judging from online comments I see everywhere (Youtube, online newspapers and magazines, pregnancy apps...), since people from all over in my social networks are pretty much atheists or private Christians who don't ever go to church...

Japanese (fictional) high school, now. That's a fairy tale subgenre. Real life seems to be full of pressure and bullying. Aaah, escapism!

It's not so bad in Canada for the most part, but I went to a religious high school so it's not too surprising that lots of my classmates are still pretty religious. (Unlike me.) It's pretty rare for me to hear anything religious in my day-to-day.

I do love the escapism, especially when it comes with sportsball. :)

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