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You can call me Hal.

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still with you
So, I caught up with the Shin Tenipuri manga (just the scanlations -- up to 174) a while back and I think the ridiculousness has nearly defeated me, about which I am very sad. I'll keep reading because I am a completist and I won't lose to Konomi, but the heart has gone out of it.

I'm not going to vent about it because that would get me too riled up again (the Boy has had to deal too much of that already *g*) but I will say that writing With Great Power, cracky fun though it was, was also very cathartic for me. If you get a super power, you don't use it to become a professional wrestler. You don't use it to play tennis against high schoolers. You help people. You help people.

Okay, maybe that was a vent.

But there was an amazing bright spot in the manga for me: issues 127 (last half) and 128. Ryoma and Sakuno go on an arcade date. Just so sweet and normal and my small heart grew three sizes that day.

Ryoma and Sakuno driving a bumper car

Maybe yours will too.

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The thing that I find frustrating about Shinpuri is that the concept was initially great - I loved seeing more of the rivals, and I liked the overall concept of the U-17 teams. But, then we lost Tezuka to Germany, Ryoma to the US, Atobe to Britain, and whenever we see characters they're reduced to nothing more than their catchphrases if anything at all. I'll also stick with it because there are some things that have come out of Shinpuri that make my heart sing (hello, Shiraishi and Akaya combination), but overall it just lacks the magic of the original series.

Ryoma and Sakuno on a date makes me so happy. I've been shipping them pretty hard lately, and it's all this artist's fault.

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Yeah, it's all stretched so thin and the matches have really lost their impact. Not to mention I'm still furious at Tezuka for ditching his team before the end.

My real problem, though, is the lack of consistency about the magic tennis moves. If it had been all super powers from the beginning that's one thing, but how do we go from the buggy whip shot to literally talking about opening a hole in time and space to move tennis balls around the court? I get using weird effects as a metaphor but once that comes out of a character's mouth, it's no longer metaphorical.

(And I can't help wondering how Inoue writes this stuff up for Pro Tennis Monthly...)

Thanks for that link! I could do with more RyoSaku adorableness in my life. :)

I don't blame you. It makes me >:O at Tezuka, too.

That's very true. As much as I've always made fun of things like Tezuka killing the dinosaurs and naked-cruise-ship-cyclone tennis, I've been able to hand wave based on the fact it is supposed to be metaphorical (and Japan is notorious for that in their media). Granted, there's only so much you can say is metaphorical when Niou is literally playing as either Shiraishi, Tezuka, Kabaji, Ryoma, or Eiji on the court. /o\

(Hahaha. Uh... that's a very good question. With a lot of alcohol?)

You're welcome! Their tag always has the most adorable fanart just in general.

With Great Power...that's a good book! :)

*hugs yoU*

*hugs* Always great to see you around!

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