Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Caffeine: the miracle drug

About two years ago, I was drinking two or three cups of coffee a day, plus iced tea and the occasional Coke. I was jittery and my stomach hurt. So one day, I decided: enough!

I cut down to one cup per day for a week, then went off caffeine entirely for a month. After that, I started drinking decaf coffee.

I felt so much better without the caffeine. No more hurty stomach. No more irritability (well, less irritablilty, anyhow). I slept a lot better -- something I've always had trouble with.

And then I discovered the amazing benefits of caffeine as a medicinal and recreational drug.

When I'm not taking it in on a regular basis, a little caffeine gives me an amazing buzz. If I have a bad headache I can't shake, a hit of caffeine will often cure it. If I need a burst of creative energy, a little coffee will give me the jolt I need to think, think, think and write, write, write.

One half-caf americano and I have super powers!

So I did that tonight, to try to burn through more of my WIP. And it worked.

Does anyone know how to shut it off now? Else I'll have to go out and see if any crime needs stopping.

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