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Haikyuu!! & PoT Fic

I accidentally deleted the first version of this post. Three more SASO prompt fills!

Summer Rain (A)
Haikyuu!!, Shimizu/Yachi, G, 540 words
"Remember how Hitoka forgot her umbrella and had to stay at school until Kiyoko appeared and brought her home?"
Read on AO3 or here.

There's no warning, just a breath of cool air, then the sky opens and rain crashes down.

Yachi's in the doorway, just about to shut the gym doors, and she jumps back, a few big drops splashing on her face. She wipes them off on her arm. The open pages of her notebook are already curling with the damp and she slides it into her bag.

She feels for her umbrella, but it's not there, not even in the inside pocket where pens and hair clips go to hide. Her transit pass is in there, though, making its escape through a rip in the lining and she fishes it back to safety.

It's four blocks to the bus stop and she won't make it ten steps before she's soaked, so she spreads her homework out on the gym floor and hopes she won't be too late home to start dinner.

Halfway through her English translation, the door slides open, a wave of humid air rolls in, and Shimizu is shaking the water off her umbrella.

"Shimizu-senpai!" Yachi's breath catches, she still can't help that when she sees Shimizu unexpectedly.

"I'll take you to the bus stop," Shimizu says. "I thought you might be stuck."

Yachi scrambles her books into her bag. "I'm sorry," she says and drops her pencil case twice before she's ready.

Thy sky is grey and the air is grey too, nearly, blurring the buildings and the trees. Shimizu snaps her umbrella up. Yachi hooks her bag over her shoulder and steps under it, steps out with Shimizu, into the rain.

Water pours from the umbrella, a waterfall off the edge of the island that's just her and Shimizu, Shimizu's arm beside Yachi's shoulder, Shimizu's hair falling so that if Yachi leans in, just a bit, it will brush her cheek. She doesn't dare, but just walking with Shimizu, so close together, is enough.

At the bus stop, they duck under the shelter. The display says there's eight minutes to wait. "Thank you for walking with me," Yachi says. "I'm fine to stay by myself."

"I'll stay until the bus comes." Shimizu furls the umbrella. "Did you take notes at practice today? Can I see them?"

Yachi swallows. The truth is Yachi does have an umbrella. It's on the last page of her notebook, drawn with a fine-tipped pen, tiny characters that spell her name, and Shimizu-senpai's.

Her hands tighten on the straps of her bag. She looks down at the wet pavement. Then she pulls out the notebook and hands it to Shimizu.

Shimizu flips through the pages. Yachi down into the street, into the puddles, at the shoes of people hurrying past.

"You have beautiful handwriting." Shimizu hands back the notebook and Yachi can't tell if Shimizu turned to the back.

"Thank you for waiting with me," Yachi whispers.

Shimizu lays her hand on the top of Yachi's head. Her thumb brushes against Yachi's temple. "Thank you for your hard work, Hitoka-chan."

The bus pulls up and Yachi's never been so sad to climb on. Her feet are cold and soaked though but inside she's warm as a coal.

When she gets home, she finds her umbrella behind her winter boots. She leaves it there.


Summer Rain (B)
Haikyuu!!, Sawamura/Sugawara, PG-13, 640 words
"Remember how Sugawara got a desperate confession in the pouring rain?"
Read on AO3 or here.

There's no warning, just a breath of cool air, then the sky opens and rain crashes down.

Sugawara ducks under the eaves, rummaging in his bag for his umbrella. Even with it up, dashing towards the classroom building, his legs are soaked and his face is flecked with drops of water.

"Suga!" It's Sawamura, rounding the corner of the building.

Sugawara waits for him to catch up, there's room for both of them under the umbrella. But Sawamura stops, just looking at Sugawara, while the rain pours down on him.

"Daichi?" Sugawara takes a few steps forward. "Is something wrong?"

"I don't want to have any regrets." Sawamura's wet hair is flat against his head and his shirt is sticking to his skin. The white cloth is nearly translucent and Sugawara thinks he can see the scar Sawamura got when they were second years, and his tussle with another boy in their class knocked over a table of glassware.

"We won't," Sugawara says. "We're going to do our best." He's seen this face on Sawamura before, this hard stare and set mouth, nearly a frown. But not often. "What's up with you? You're going to catch cold."

"I don't want to have any regrets," Sawamura says again, like Sugawara wasn't listening, like Sugawara wasn't talking, and he reaches out and catches Sugawara's hand in both his own.

Sawamura's hands are hot and they're holding on so tightly Sugawara's fingers hurt. But he doesn't pull his hand away. "Daichi, what is it?"

Sawamura swallows, opens his mouth, but no words come out. He shakes his head and water from his hair splashes Sugawara's face. "I can't," he says. "Don't make me say it."

"Say what?" Sugawara stares and Sawamura stares back, eyes dark, face flushing, while time stretches out between them like a cord pulling tight and tighter.

Rain runs into Sawamura's eyes and he blinks. He opens his mouth and shuts it again. His thumb moves across the back of Sugawara's hand.

Sugawara gets it.

It falls down on him, like the tower of boxes trapping him when his family was moving house, like a rogue wave in the ocean pulling him under. Like a flash of lightening from crown to sole, making his guts burn and all his hair stand on end.

"I think you should say it," Sugawara says. And Sawamura's face, shining with rain, twisting between hope and despair, is the best thing Sugawara's ever seen and maybe ever will see. "It's our precious youth, after all." He grins and presses his fingers into Sawamura's palm.

Breath huffs out of Sawamura and his eyes light up. "You bastard." His grip tightens. "I won't give you the satisfaction."

"No?" Sugawara looks at Sawamura's face a few seconds more, all he can stand, then he drops the umbrella, drops his bag, and yanks Sawamura in, pulls him around the corner, pushes him back against the wall. "I guess I'll never know."

There's one more long moment when they're face to face, so close that they're breathing each other's breath, stopped and still. Then a spout of water from the eaves dumps cold down Sugawara's back and they're kissing, mouths open and awkward and hungry.

Sawamura's hands are in Sugawara's hair, on the back of Sugawara's neck, down his sides. Sugawara holds Sawamura's face, thumbs along his cheekbones, and bites his lip, wants more, he's going to get more, and Sawamura will give him anything he wants, because it is their precious youth, and they can do anything at all.

Until the basketball team rounds the corner and catches them.

There's half a scuffle before Sugawara can pull Sawamura back, arm across his chest, while two boys do the same thing to their captain. "Regrets, Daichi?" He whispers in Sawamura's ear.

"None," Sawamura says and launches himself back into the fight.


Impact Hypothesis
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, PG-13, 470 words
"Remember the time that Tezuka killed the dinosaurs and Inui ripped into him for defying space and time?"
Read on AO3 or here.

"Tezuka!" Inui's eyebrow twitched.

"Inui." Tezuka kept his own eyebrows carefully neutral. Also his face. And voice. If Inui hadn't told him once that a healthy human body is slightly alkaline, Tezuka would have made sure he was pH neutral as well.

"You--" More twitching. "Your match." Inui added a grimace to the twitching.

"Raise both arms above your head, Inui," Tezuka said, neutrally.

"That winner you hit...my arms? What?"

"I think you might be having a stroke."

"If I'm not, I should be," Inui said. "Do you realize what you've done?"

"Thank you."

"I wasn't congratulating you!" Inui actually did throw his arms in the air and Tezuka had a very hard time not smiling.

"I'm sure you can find a video of the match."

"It's not the data," Inui said, but his expression changed. "Maybe if I put a note on the purser's office..." Then he shook his head. "Quit changing the subject."

Tezuka just looked at Inui. Which often, for reasons he had never quite figured out, made him feel quite non-neutral.

"You meddled with space and time, Teuzka. You changed history."


"And they're gone, Tezuka. The dinosaurs. They're gone." Inui pushed his glasses up, which gave Tezuka an extremely non-neutral feeling somewhere inside of him. Well, okay, in the groin area. Which was hard to keep in a neutral state sometimes.

Tezuka raised his racquet into a somewhat camouflaging position. He thought about what Inui had said and decided that it was okay to raise his eyebrows at the news. "But you still have your ankylosaurus phone charm."

"The real dinosaurs are gone. My triceratops leather jacket? It's made from cows now. The velociraptor strips I was going to have for lunch are chicken now! Which tastes terrible with barbeque sauce, by the way."

"Are you sure?"

"I checked Wikipedia. It's all there: 66 million years ago, the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. It was a mass extinction, Tezuka." Inui rubbed his forehead. "Three quarters of all plant and animal life on earth, wiped out. By you."


"I updated the page to explain what really happened but someone keeps reverting my changes. And worst of all?" Inui said. "The xixianykus I bought Kaidoh disappeared and now he thinks I forgot his birthday. So he dumped me!"

There it was. Tezuka put his hand on Inui's shoulder. It was warm and nice and Tezuka thought maybe neutrality was overrated. Definitely his groin thought so.

"And how are we going to get back home? We were supposed to fly our pteranodons!"

"Everything will work out, Inui." Tezuka dropped his racquet and stepped closer. Inui smelled like hard work and salt air and barbeque sauce.

"Well, maybe we can fly back on Fuji's unicorn."

"Maybe not," Tezuka said and pushed Inui back into his cabin.
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