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You can call me Hal.

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Surfacing after a day and a half of migraine. I feel like I get them a lot less often than I used to but they fuck me up so much more. I have a ton of writing and other brain work to do and all I can do is stare at the wall, even though the pain is gone. Well, I'm doing laundry in between stares. And I did get listen to audio books for about eighteen hours. :)

Was hoping to get two more fills done for SASO BR1, but alas. It was good to write some smaller, faster things, though. I feel like I'm getting back into the groove. I'm trying hard not to fall back to writing all tenipuri. But it's still just so much fun.

Finished the main Yowamushi Pedal anime (haven't watched the movie yet) and oh my heart! It was just so wonderful and gave me everything I wanted for the relationships and development and learning about cycling and all. So perfect I can't quite imagine writing about it, but I guess we'll see.

Gearing up for Euro2016! Supporting Spain again, hope my heart won't be broken. My wardrobe has mostly been reduced to black so I had to go out and buy a red and a yellow bandana. I don't have cable anymore, though, so it's going to be a challenge to find some way to stream.

As always, I like cheese. And you. ♥

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I was just thinking of ways to work black, yellow and red into my work warddrobe (where I just might have convinced my boss that we totally need to spend next Thursday in a bar.)

I also made everyone in my office pick a country. (I allowed them two if either both their picks sucked or they are actually citizens of one of the countries and said country had no real hopes.) They seem to be either humoring me at the moment (bossman excepted) or just in it for the potential "team building" meetings in a beer serving TV having establishment.

Excellent! I'm hoping my boss gets the cable hooked back up so we can watch there. We used to have a few more soccer fans at work but we seem to be the only two left, so no pool.

I like cheese too! *hugs you tight*

I just had some for supper. :) *hugs*

Was it what I had the other night? Chevre mixed with Rose City Pepperhead's Raspberry Habanero pepper jelly, with crackers? :D

*hugs you back*

Wow, I didn't have anything near that great! Just cheddar and almonds. I'm jealous!

Tell you what, you ever come visit and I will take you to the Farmer's market and we will buy fresh goat cheese and some pepper jelly (the Sneaky Ghost is also really good) and go sit on a bench with a little sliced salami and some crackers and some ginger beer and we will make like kings! :)

Or go to their website, http://www.rosecitypepperheads.com/ and don't visit me. Fine. I'll be over here, pouting into my cheese and jelly.


Ooh, that is so tempting! Maybe one day!

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