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You can call me Hal.

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on the subject of me
mk together
Trying to write some fills for SASO Bonus Round 2, which is all image prompts, and I'm having trouble because A. I'm not very visual and B. nobody but me seems to have prompted any MomoKai. Surely someone else wants to read about those two doofuses making out in a bathroom stall. Or anywhere else.

Super happy with how Spain is doing in Euro2016! I've only really seen Spain and Germany play so far. I wanted to watch Italy but their last game was at 6am and I'll only watch that early for Spain.

Been watching Ash vs Evil Dead lately; we're just up to ep 4, I think. Ash is everything. Just everything. Still. And Lucy Lawless! They all spend so much time covered in fake blood, I wonder if they have to get hosed down all day long.

Work good, life good, friends good, partner good. And me. I'm good.

I hope you are too. ♥

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yeah i'm having a hard time with the image ones too; i have a bunch of them tabbed but I've only managed two so far.

this also has to do with how it's summer and so the less things I have to do with my time the more I straight up do nothing with my time.

I'll keep trying though!

If I manage two in total, I'll be lucky. I started a Suga/Daichi fill but it's turning out so boring that I'm going to sleep on it and hope for inspiration.

I'm also still trying to finish a story for a different exchange so I need to buckle down on that and get it out of the way.

Yay for summer! I'm jealous of your downtime. :) Although I just had a week off not long ago.

Am ignoring the Eurocup like nothing else. Funny to read you support Spain so much when none of my local friends gives a ****. ; ) 

Glad to read everything is going well in your life. : )

I just love watching their play! And I've got to support someone, else it's not as interesting for me. :)

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