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A cornucopia of MomoKai

While Momo/Kaidoh is only my third favourite tenipuri pairing, after Inui/Kaidoh and Tezuka/Ryoma, they are not-so-secretly the most fun to write, even though they do not usually make my heart hurt like the other pairings do. But maybe that's because they just fit together so well there's not much need to hurt.

MomoKai SASO Prompt Fills

After I begged people to bait me with some MK prompts. :) Both on AO3, both very sappy.

Momo/Kaidoh, Prince of Tennis, 1117 words, General Audiences
After the Kantou tournament, Momo feels he's owed.

Momo/Kaidoh, Prince of Tennis, 819 words, Teen And Up Audiences
Future fic. Momo and Kaidoh go on holiday.


Been thinking of this post I made back in 2008:

I can't stop thinking about Momo and Kaidoh and their Great Riverside and Doubles bonding in the Kantou finals and how lovely and intense it all is and then how a few episodes later, Inui is playing Yanagi and Momo and Kaidoh are together in the stands watching and Momo says, "So we're totally boyfriends now, right?" and Kaidoh says, "Even though I totally plan to have a lot of dirty sex with you, only Inui-senpai will ever have my love" and then Momo cries.

My Fabulous MomoKai Art

While I was writing Things That Go Bump back in 2012, I made some stick figure drawing of some of the scenes to help me think through the story. I found them the other day so here they are. Warning: the last drawing spoils the big reveal! !My arting has improved since that MomoKai doujinshi. But not by much.)

Momo watches Kaidoh confront a balloon he thinks is a ghost

Momo and Kaidoh hold hands in a supply closet

Momo and Kaidoh enjoy some shaved ice

Momo and Kaidoh confront a raccoon jumping down from the air vent

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