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You can call me Hal.

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SASO 2016 Bonus Round 5 Prompts
inukai skeleton
Need some brainz that aren't my own to prompt me, since this round is promptless. Feel free to prompt even if you're not doing SASO! It would be a kindness. Anon commenting is on on DW; disabling comments on LJ for this post.

As usual, I probably won't be able to write everything, but we can have fun thinking about it. :)

The theme: ... the wide pool of mythology, fantasy, folklore, and fable. An urban fantasy or supernatural AU? A re-imagining of your favorite folk tale? Characters swapping ghost stories or playing D&D? As long as your fill in some way incorporates the fantastical and/or supernatural, it's welcome

Fandoms I can write (that qualify):

Prince of Tennis
probably Yowamushi Pedal -- I've seen up to the end of the Interhigh

So, leave a fandom, chracters, and a prompt and I'll see what I can do. :)

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