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You can call me Hal.

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So, after about 4 years gafiation I've been getting back into fandom stuff. It turns out I'm still really, really into Prince of Tennis. And now also into Haikyuu!! (And a ton of other stuff, but these are the big two.)

I'm trying to get more content for these series into my life, so if you have any recs for people/blogs I should follow on Twitter, Tumblr, and (wishful thinking) LJ/DW, please let me know! Or if there's a Sekrit New Platform everybody's moving to.

I've got to know some cool new people via SASO but I'm hoping to meet even more. And maybe find some people that I fell out of touch with. If you tried to get in touch with me during my offline time and I didn't get back to you, I'm sorry. I was fine, just burnt out, I guess. No worries if you'd rather not hang out any more.

My contact info for all these services is here: https://prillalar.dreamwidth.org/511604.html

Crossposted: http://prillalar.dreamwidth.org/511952.html

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I am not into haikyuu, but at tumblr I used to follow hachidraws and she makes some awesome fanart. Histoire-de also reblogs a lot of haikyuu.

It's great to see you active and present again!!! : )

Thanks for the recs! It's been great to be back around. <3

Just added you on tumblr because obviously two social media platforms aren't enough. I'm nonnegative there.

And the astral plane? What's your handle there?

I'm Mrs Drew Barrymore, of course.

Okay. We can fight when we both want to be Mrs. Kate McKinnon for a while.

Let's make a paintball pact not to turn on each other til we're the last ones standing.

There's no way this can fail! Look out, other astral planers.

Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

I found this big list of extra manga material just now:


Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

Ooh, thank you! This is such a fun series. It's been a while since a new canon made me want to write as well as consume.

RE: Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

Oof, found a bunch of doujinshi too:

Will be very glad to read more Haikyuu fic from you :)

Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

That's fantastic! I will definitely be checking these out. :)

So, who are your favourite characters? Ships? Schools?

RE: Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

I really like Sugawara (especially with Daichi and Oikawa) too much considering how little screen time he gets. I also really enjoy anything Tsukishima does in the anime/manga but haven't felt like reading too much fic about him.

As for schools, mostly I just like Karasuno. I'm always like that with sports series :)

Have you by any chance seen any fic that dives into the actual volleyball, and isn't just about the pairings? Not that I have anything against shipping, but I like gen too :) (or shipping fic with a good deal of sport thrown in, whatever).

Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

I am really loving DaiSuga! They've got a fun, low-key dynamic. KageHina is fun as well and I really love Tsukishima with nearly anyone.

I haven't had much luck finding fic I like so far, beyond a few authors I know from tenipuri, etc. The majority seems to be AU rather than canon-based and trying to filter through it gets frustrating. If I come across anything that's more gen/sport-based, I'll let you know!

Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

I was surprised by all the AU too! I've had to use the filters and "sort by kudos" functions a lot on A03 to find the kind of fic I want. I still end up reading a lot of trashy fic but, uh, it's trash I like. I just want some canon-based action trash sometimes, is all!

If you want something pretty different from most of the fic out there, here's a ridiculous Daichi/Iwaizumi crack fic I found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6001621. I don't usually read that pairing, but this fic was so funny I'm recommending it. It's technically the second part in a series but I think it stands alone well enough; the first part is a more normal OiSuga fic.

I am so happy you are writing DaiSuga :) Off to go read!

Re: Why hullo I am on a huge Haikyuu binge

Nothing wrong with trashy fic! :) And thanks for the link -- I'll check it out.

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